‘World Of Warcraft’ Players Have Bonus Events, Noblegarden Holiday To Enjoy In March

During the month of March, World of Warcraft players will mostly have Bonus Events to keep them occupied. Each week, a new Bonus Event will start, offering players a chance to earn extra currency or pick up new items during the expansion lull. After all, the next World of Warcraft expansion is not due out until this summer, and the current expansion is technically complete. By the end of March, the annual Noblegarden event will return to the game, giving characters a chance to earn unique rewards, including pets, mounts, and a title.

Four Bonus Events are scheduled for March in World of Warcraft in addition to the monthly appearance of the Darkmoon Faire as seen on the official site. On March 2, players can start earning extra Apexis Crystals all over Draenor. Maximum level players will gain the most from the event, considering the currency is exclusive to the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Be sure to pick up the “The Time to Strike” quest in the player garrison for weekly mission that rewards a boon of Oil, Garrison Resources, Valor, and Apexis Crystals.

As the Apexis Crystal Bonus Event nears an end, the monthly Darkmoon Faire returns to World of Warcraft on March 6. Each month players can participate in carnival style games, races, and more to earn Darkmoon Faire Tickets. This currency can be saved up over multiple months to purchase some of the Faire’s most popular items. Heirloom items, costume pieces, replica armor, toys, battle pets, and mounts are all potential purchases for those with enough tickets. For a full list of all the items purchasable from the Darkmoon Faire, head over to WoWhead. The Darkmoon Faire will move on come March 12, but it will return in the first full week of April.

By March 9, the Arena Skirmishes Bonus Event will be underway. Players can earn triple the Honor during this event by competing in Arena Skirmishes. The quest, entitled “The Arena Calls,” tasks players with Conquest Points and Valor for winning 10 Arena Skirmishes. Two weeks later, on March 23, the player versus player bonuses pick back up with the Battlegrounds Bonus Event. Accept the quest “A Call to Battle” and win four Battleground matches to earn even more Conquest and Valor. During the Battlegrounds Bonus Event, players earn triple the Honor from Battleground encounters.

World of Warcraft
A Gnome carries an Alliance banner in Legion content [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]
In between the two PvP Bonus Events, from March 16 through March 21, Wrath of the Lich King dungeons become the target of the Timewalking Dungeon Event. Players level 81 and higher can use the Dungeon Finder tool to queue for Timewalking Northrend dungeons. After taking the quest called “A Frozen Path Through Time” and completing five Northrend Timewalking dungeons, players will receive a Seal of Inevitable Fate, Valor, and an Iron Fleet Treasure Chest. The chest contains a random piece of Hellfire Citadel gear for the character that earned it.

Completing Timewalking dungeons also rewards the player with Timewarped Badges, which can be spent during the event on gear, toys, or even mounts. During the Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking event, players will need to contact Auzin in Dalaran to spend their badges. Auzin sells a unique mount, an Ironbound Wraithcharger, that can only be purchased during the Timewalking event. Not to mention, the event also gives players a chance to loot the Infinite Timereaver mount. This mount only drops from bosses found in Timwalking dungeons, making it quite rare.

World of Warcraft
Utgarde Keep and Utgarde Pinnacle are located here in Northrend [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]
Finally, on March 28, Nobelgarden and all its egg hunting fun returns to the game. Players can complete eight specific Noblegarden achievements to earn “the Noble” title attached to the end of their character’s name. Collect enough eggs to purchase a Swift Springstrider mount, a flower bouquet battle pet, or a spring rabbit battle pet, according to the Battle.net overview.

Although March may be a slow month for World of Warcraft players, the alpha test for Legion keeps providing new information content coming to the game in the future. Not too many have access to the alpha, but there is no non-disclosure agreement for it, letting those with access share the potential content with the public. Most recently, the alpha introduced epic pet battle stones and the removal of water strider mounts’ ability to walk on water in Legion content. Both the addition of epic pet battle stones and the change to water striders have since been scrapped by the World of Warcraft team. As the Inquisitr reported, epic pet battle stones will not be included in Legion as it stands now, and water strider mounts will continue to function in new content.

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]