Neve Campbell: ‘My Biggest Fear Is Trump Will Triumph’

Party of Five star Neve Campbell believes Donald Trump as president is scarier than a slasher scene from the horror film franchise Scream.

“My biggest fear is Trump will triumph,” Campbell told Huffington Post U.K.

When it comes to expressing her political views, Neve is not shy at all. Campbell, who is about to make her debut on Season Four of the political drama House of Cards, threatened she would move to Canada if Trump won the election.

“I cannot believe that he is still in the game. I cannot conceive of how that’s possible,” Neve stated. “He’s an ideologue, he’s got extreme ideas, and people are looking for a big change at the moment, at the opposite end from Bernie Sanders.”

“And there is a good amount of ignorance in America,” Campbell goes on to add. “Of people who are angry and disappointed but don’t educate themselves in why, and how it can be fixed. They see someone off the cuff and broad, and they think ‘ok, that’s the voice we need, just someone honest. But his honesty is terrifying.”

The role as Leann Harvey in Netflix’s original TV drama House of Cards has opened Neve up to conversations and questions about her own personal political views. Although her co-star Kevin Spacey prefers to stay silent about any political endorsements, Campbell seems to enjoy sharing her views with the world.

So who does Neve Campbell support for president? Neve spilled to The Hill‘s columnist Judy Kurtz.

“I’m a fan of Bernie’s,” Campbell was quick to state.

In spite of her Sanders endorsement, it does appear Neve has mixed feelings regarding her choice of political candidate for the upcoming election.

“I’m worried about how much Bernie would be able to accomplish in the White House,” Campbell recently told The Guardian. “Hillary [Clinton] has been in the game long enough to know how it works.”

Neve was quick to reiterate her distaste for Trump as president.

“I’d hate to see Trump get in.”

Neve’s heart seems to be with Bernie, but logic points her in the direction of Hillary.

“I don’t know if America is ready yet for Bernie’s ideology. I am, though. My father’s Scottish, my mother is Dutch and I’m Canadian, so I’m not afraid of socialism. Americans just don’t understand how it would be possible to have free Medicare and free education.”

“Everything about American politics,” Campbell added, “makes me proud to be Canadian.”

No doubt in her role as Texan political aide, Leann Harvey in House of Cards, Campbell’s feelings towards American politics will only feel more justified. Still, this seems to be exactly the role Neve has been searching for. Back in 2011 Campbell had told The Guardian she was eager to leave the Scream franchise behind her and wanted to do something “more grown up and well written.”

With ruthless characters and themes of manipulation and power struggles, House of Cards certainly grants Neve’s wish of a “grown up” role. The award-winning drama starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright takes a hard look at the corruption and greed inside American politics.

“She’s Texan, a pretty bright, successful woman,” Campbell told the Washington Post of her character Leann. “And she’s invited to assist someone in a political campaign,” Neve added.

Neve preferred to keep her character’s intentions a bit mysterious and was tight-lipped when asked whether Leann was “for the people” our out for her own nefarious political goals.

“You’re not sure from the beginning,” Campbell said, “but it’s clear she’s deeply ambitious.”

You’ll be able to see Neve Campbell’s performance on the season premier of House of Cards on Netflix March 4, 2016. As to whether Trump will make it into the White House and America will lose Neve, that remains to be seen.

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/AP Images]