This 14-Year-Old Track Runner Passes 7 Million Views — Why? Watch And Believe

This 14-year-old track runner appears in rare form. To clarify, it’s rare for most teens her age to do as she’s done in this and other videos. Watch why she’s at 7 million views and counting, and believe it.

Tionna Brown is this 100-meter track runner’s name, and you might want to remember it for the upcoming years. Although only 14 years of age — and a middle school student in Kokomo, Indiana — Tionna Brown can do wonders on the track as a runner. In the viral video, even from its start, you will tell that Brown isn’t like other athletes around her age.

While the other runners are simply in runner’s stances, Tionna Brown uses blocks — already separating herself to do great things on the track, right? See it for yourself in the following Facebook post. Via Facebook, alone, this track runner’s video has amassed nearly 8 million views. At the time of this video, she was 13 years of age.

As can be seen, Tionna Brown was literally seconds in front the others. Well, interestingly enough, this track runner has competed nationally. In 2014, when she competed in the 11-12 girl’s circuit, she “made it look easy,” as the on-air commentator expressed.

USA Track & Field mentions that Tionna Brown crossed the finish line at 12.57 — only 4/10 of a second from breaking the 1992 record of 12.10 held by Angela Williams. You can watch the track runner in that 2014 race as well.

Even with a poor start out the blocks, Tionna still managed to take the lead and also leave a lot of room between herself and the other runners. Imagine her potential time, if she had taken off the blocks with the others.

At the moment, Brown is expecting to compete in the 2016 Junior Olympics. Likewise, her mother, Dionna Beard, has set up a GoFundMe account and is accepting contributor donations to help with required expenses to get her daughter, Tionna, on the starting blocks. As can be seen, this track runner was announced “athlete of the year,” by USA Track & Field. And this is still just the 13-14 girl’s circuit. As the years come, this track runner only gets faster.

However, this won’t be her first time competing in the Junior Olympics. In 2014, Brown competed and won first place in the 100-meter sprint, 200-meter run, and the long jump events.

As acknowledgement for her track and field endeavors, Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight proclaimed August 11, 2014, as “Tionna Brown Day.” You can view the proclamation in the following Facebook post.

Tionna Brown was approached by media sources in the past and conducted interviews as well. One, in particular, is the Youthletics interview in which Brown participated. As it turns out, Tionna is more than just a track athlete.

According to the source, she likes softball and basketball as well. However, when it comes to track and field, you would think her favorite event would be the 100-meter dash, right? No.

During the interview, Tionna states that her favorite event is the 200-meter run, simply because she likes “running the curves.” And from Brown’s fanpage, it looks like she has no issue pulling out the win in the 200-meter either.

Although Tionna Brown has an abundance of talent, she stays meek about her skills. During the interview, she was asked if she had any special rituals or routines she likes to do before her races. She answered as follows.

“…First thing I do is pray. I pray to God to help me do my best and I will give my best. When I run, if I start getting tired, I tell myself to relax and breathe. Usually my arms get tight and I have to remind myself to drop my shoulders and keep lifting my legs.”

All in all, if she continues on her path, you might see this track runner in the Olympics one day — running alongside Carmelita Jeter. So, what are your thoughts about track runner Tionna Brown?

[Image via Facebook]