Iggy Azalea Admits To Plastic Surgery, Feels Like More People Should Reveal Truth

Iggy Azalea is now speaking out, and this singer is not afraid to share her thoughts on plastic surgery or admit that she had some done herself. E! Online shared that Iggy is in the new issue ofElleCanada, and she is sharing all the details on the surgery she has had done in the past. Iggy thinks everyone else getting it done should admit the truth about it and not be ashamed. Iggy Azalea is revealing that she has had her breasts done and also had her nose fixed. Iggy does look pretty great, but she also looked good before doing any surgery on her body.


Iggy is sharing about her surgery, but her nose wasn’t really just to make herself look better. What she revealed, shows that Iggy got her nose done just to make it look the way it used to look.

“I wanted to change my nose because I didn’t grow up with a bump on it — that happened when I got smashed in the face with a soccer ball when I was 16. Now I feel like my nose looks the way it’s supposed to look.”

She is not ashamed at all of the fact that she had some plastic surgery done, and Iggy shared how she feels like other women should speak out and admit that they have done things as well. Iggy’s nose was something that she wanted to have fixed and has never been shy about since having the surgery.

“I think, in 2016, people should be more accepting of the fact that both famous and non-famous women are having cosmetic procedures. That’s just the reality. And I think more people need to admit that s**t so it doesn’t have to be so taboo—because we’re all doing it anyway.”

Iggy Azalea doesn’t feel like there is anything wrong with wanting to change something about yourself, but Iggy thinks if you are going to do it, then you should be honest about it and not hold back. Iggy went on to explain how you never know if plastic surgery will really change the way that you feel about yourself. You could still be unhappy with yourself or even hate the way that the results come out when you are done. She went on to share more thoughts.

“All of those women [who criticize someone for having surgery]—if they had $10 million in their account tomorrow, I’d dare them not to change one thing about themselves or at least think about it…And there’s nothing wrong with that.”


The Daily Mail shared that Iggy Azalea also shared that she wishes that she could erase a lot of things from the year 2015. Iggy actually got into several arguments online last year. Iggy would love to have the option like they do in Men in Black, where you can erase people’s memory, but that just isn’t the case. She admits that her argument with Azealia Banks as “what really started it all.” The feud began in December 2014, when Azealia accused her fellow rapper of not caring about “black issues.” Iggy says that it was all personal between them, though, and she does support the Black Lives Matter movement. Iggy realizes that she posted a tweet based on emotion and maybe that wasn’t her best idea. After this happened, there were a few more little arguments that she would like to erase, but, of course, she can’t do it.

Do you agree with how Iggy Azalea feels about plastic surgery? Do you think that women should admit to doing it if they change something about themselves? Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.

[Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated]