‘Blindspot’ Star Jaimie Alexander On How The Big Reveal Changes The Game

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Blindspot.]

Through 10 episodes, Blindspot has operated under the premise that Jane Doe, played by Jaimie Alexander, has only the mysterious tattoos covering her body to tell her anything about herself. The eleventh episode of Blindspot changed that, when it revealed Jane’s real name this week. Now, Ms. Alexander is talking about what that means for her character and for the future of Blindspot, as the series moves forward from this big revelation.

Blindspot Actress Jaimie Alexander On What It Means To Have A Name

In this week’s episode of Blindspot, Jane’s former lover came through with a secret he’d been hiding, and one that confirms the suspicions Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) has had about Jane Doe. Oscar (Francois Arnaud) confirmed that Jane is actually Weller’s missing childhood friend, Taylor Shaw, who disappeared 25 years earlier.

Ms. Alexander addresses the concerns of Blindspot fans, as she confirms that Oscar is a source to be trusted. Jane has memories of Oscar, so just knowing he comes from deep in her past tells her that she can trust him. Also, Jaimie points out that there’s really no motive for Oscar to lie.

While Jane may have learned the truth, that doesn’t mean she’s quite ready to share. Oscar had already warned her not to trust the F.B.I., so telling Weller is definitely out.

“It’s very up and down,” Blindspot‘s Alexander says of Jane and Weller’s relationship. “They both hold back certain things with each other, information-wise, and so Jane gets to a point in this part of the season where she doesn’t quite know who she can trust. So that’s also a difficult position to be in.”

Aside from trying to determine who she can trust, the Blindspot actress says her character is keeping everyone at the F.B.I. safe by keeping her secret to herself. She says that distancing herself from them is Jane’s way of keeping everyone protected.

Of all of the Blindspot characters, Jaimie thinks it’s hardest on Weller, particularly after he has come to believe he has found his missing friend. Adding the fact that Weller has grown more attached to Jane in recent Blindspot episodes, and it’s understandable that Weller is confused by Jane’s apparent lack of affection for him.

Blindspot Reveals More Than Just A Name For Jane Doe

Jane didn’t just learn her name is really Taylor Shaw. In this week’s Blindspot episode, Alexander’s character also comes across a video message, taped by herself and made for herself, that reveals she, alone, is responsible for everything. The tattoos and the amnesia were all her own doing.

“She’s skeptical, but it’s also pretty hard and fast evidence,” Blindspot creator Martin Gero says. “She’s desperately curious. She doesn’t immediately buy into who she was and say, ‘OK, let’s do whatever the plan was,’ but it’s something that she wants to explore for herself.”

It’s for this reason that Jane’s relationships with Weller, the F.B.I., and many others will shift on Blindspot. Uncertain how to react to this video message, Jane will naturally begin to cut off ties for her own safety, as well as for the sakes of those close to her. The Blindspot creator adds that Jane wants to know everything and she wants to know just what dangers she poses to herself and others, but, eventually, she will open up.

Will Weller be the first one Jane does open up to on Blindspot, once she determines it’s safe? That would seem to make sense, but that may also be too little too late. Weller will feel more than a little betrayed, when he discovers Jane has known the truth for so long without telling him.

The next episode of Blindspot airs on Monday, May 7 on NBC.

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