O.J. Simpson’s Ex, Christie Prody, Says He Killed Nicole, Scared For Her Life If He Gets Released From Prison

O.J. Simpson is back in the headlines due to his the new FX show all about his trial. The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story has everyone wondering if O.J. Simpson really did kill Nicole Brown Simpson. Now, his ex-girlfriend, Christine Prody, is speaking out and sharing that she does think he was the killer, and Christie even fears for her life if O.J. is let out of jail. Radar Online shared all the details about how Christie Prody feels now that O.J. is behind bars and she isn’t dating him anymore.

Christie Prody actually dated O.J. Simpson off and on for 13 years. They started dating in 1995. Prody is now speaking out and saying that during “marathon cocaine binges,” O.J. Simpson would admit to being a murderer. Prody shared about it.

“O.J. killed Nicole. All during the course of our relationship, O.J. was confessing by telling me details only the killer would know.”

Of course, O.J. Simpson did get off on these charges, and didn’t end up going to jail for her murder. O.J. Simpson would even act out scenes from her death. O.J. Simpson isn’t taking the blame for her death, though, and blamed it on Nicole driving him crazy. Prody shared that he would talk about himself in the third person, saying that he did things. She even shared that he talked about killing Goldman after he saw Nicole’s blood.

The worst part for Prody is that O.J. Simpson will be getting out of jail soon. She shared that she is scared for her life, saying,”My worst fear is that I will end up like Nicole — killed by O.J. because he can’t let go!” Prody shared that he was abusive to her during their relationship and revealed that she was once found unconscious with a head wound and bruises at a Miami gas station, but she doesn’t know for her who did it to her. Prody’s friends think that O.J. Simpson was responsible for what happened to her.

ABC News shared back in 2009, and Christine Prody was talking about being scared for her life, as well. It is only coming back up now because of the show. They met each other just one year after he was acquitted for the murders. At the time, Prody didn’t know much about him besides that there was the trial, and didn’t even know about O.J. Simpson’s big football career. She shared the details of how she thought O.J. killed both Nicole and Goldman.

“It took me many years to realize and face that hard, terrible truth. Things he’s mentioned about Nicole, how she had it coming because of her lifestyle and who she hung out with, mainly Ron Goldman, I guess.”

Prody and O.J. Simpson dated off and on for years. She tried to leave him more than once and shared the details. Christine did go through treatment for substance abuse at one time and is not denying that she had this issue.

“If I did he would find me. [The] only place I had to go were to friends of ours. He would come by … threaten, manipulate. I had no choice at that point. I had nowhere to go.”

Do you think that Christine Prody is right and that O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown Simpson? Should she be afraid for her life? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story on Tuesday nights on FX.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]