‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Rick Rallies Survivors To Hunt Down Negan – Will Alexandria Stay Safe And Who Might Die?

Now that Rick has Alexandria listening, he has to convince the survivors that Negan is so bad that they can’t wait for him to come to them. In the brand new teasers released for The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12 titled “Not Tomorrow Yet,” we can see Rick Grimes standing in front of the church with the citizens of Alexandria filling the pews. As Grimes rallies the Alexandrians to fight back against Negan and take out the bad guy, it looks like he might also be walking some of the survivors right into certain danger. Will they all make it out alive or will someone die in “Not Tomorrow Yet?”

In the upcoming episode, Rick tells the survivors, “We have to go for them before they come for us.” He must have been very convincing too because, after that, the survivors set out in a huge RV full of guns and ammo in search for Negan and the Saviors according to some spoilers revealed by Unreality TV. We know that the next episode won’t be dull. The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple has said that the last half of TWD season 6 was going to be pretty exciting and “Not Tomorrow Yet” doesn’t look like it will disappoint.

Rick and the rest of the Alexandria survivors are desperate for food. They need it and Gregory has it in the Hilltop colony. Rick tells the group about how they have livestock, milk, eggs, and butter. They have all the fresh foods that Alexandria lacks and all they want in return is for Negan to die. It seems like Rick’s mind is already made up and he will be heading out after Negan. Although some looked skeptical when Rick was talking to the large group, it looks like most everyone is packing an automatic weapon when they pile off the RV and head for a building that looks pretty empty.

The RV trip in Season 6, Episode 12 is being dubbed “Rick’s Suicide Mission,” but we don’t think he will be the one to go if Negan or some of his men catch up to the group. In a promo released by Fox in The Netherlands, it looks like Negan or possibly another bad guy has captured a few of Rick’s people. Specifically, they ask if the group knows Maggie and Carol in the ultra-revealing clip. It’s pretty clear that Maggie won’t die in the upcoming episode because she has already talked about how hard it was for her to film the finale. There are still a few episodes left before we get to that. Is it possible that Carol will get killed in the upcoming episode? And is it Negan’s group they ended up battling or is it someone else altogether?

Negan heeft oorlog aan z’n broek. Wie gaat dit overleven? Dit zie je volgende week in The Walking Dead. #TWDopFOX pic.twitter.com/J7amI0TeYt

— FOX (@foxNL) March 1, 2016

Based on what Scott Gimple told The Wrap, it looks like we’re going to run into Negan in “Not Tomorrow Yet” in some fashion. Since Rick and his survivors are actively out hunting for the villain, we’re betting that is who took Carol and Maggie. We already know that Negan likes to hold hostages and part of Maggie’s deal with Gregory are that the group will recover one of their members that are currently held as Negan’s prisoner.

There is also the possibility that Negan might have taken a couple of hostages to stop Rick and his group from hunting him down. One thing is for sure, though, Daryl was wrong when he said that Negan is a bluffer. Negan certainly isn’t bluffing about how deadly he can be. Who do you think will die in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12 “Not Tomorrow Yet?” Or do you think maybe everyone will survive the next TWD episode since we already know there is more than one death coming in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale?

[Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images]