Dark Knight Arrests: Suspicious Incidents Reported At Movie Theaters Around The Country

Movie goers around the country have been on edge since the tragic shooting that took the lives of 12 people last Friday at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises. At least three additional people have been arrested at other showings of the new batman movie and several other suspicious incidents have been reported.

The Inquisitr reported earlier that Timothy Courtois was arrested in Maine shortly after watching The Dark Knight Rises. Police pulled Courtois over for speeding and found an AK-47 and four handguns in the car. They also found news clippings about the Aurora, Colorado shooting.

On Sunday, Clark Tabor was arrested after causing a scene inside of a movie theater in California. According to Entertainment Weekly, the 52-year-old man stood up and started shouting after he became upset that the movie didn’t start on time. Witnesses said that Tabor threatened the audience and talked about the Colorado shooting.

According to one witness, Tabor said: “I should go off like in Colorado…. Does anybody have a gun?”

Another incident in Arizona saw 50-people flee a movie theater after a man wearing a backpack was confronted by another movie goer. CNBC reports that the man was drunk and had a bottle of booze in his bag. He did not have a weapon.

The shooting last Friday has re-sparked the debate about gun control and has caused several theaters to adjust their dress-code policies. AMC Theaters has already banned fake weapons and face-concealing masks from movie theaters. Other theaters are currently re-assessing their security policies.

Do you think the movie-going experience will be drastically altered in the wake of the Colorado shooting?

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