Is Harry Styles Hiding, Avoiding People, Or Depressed?

Is Harry Styles hiding from someone? When he attended the pre-Grammy party late, rather than arrive when most of the guests were there, no one really thought much about it. When he left the party and apparently went home in lieu of going to the actual Grammy Awards, no one thought much about that either. He made some important contacts at the pre-Grammy party, including Ringo Star and Joe Walsh, so that seems like a good thing. The fact that he left with a girl he’d picked up at the party seemed like a good reason as well to skip the Grammy awards. However, his behavior around the Brit awards was much harder to explain.

Harry Styles hiding out seems a bit crazy. He’s very loved all over the world, but what other explanation do we have? We know that Liam Payne made a heroic effort to get the band together for the Brit Awards, as explained in this previous Inquisitr article. Liam tweeted that his bandmates had arrived in London the night before the Brit Award ceremony. He seemed thrilled at what he called a One Direction reunion.

It does appear Harry Styles hopped on a plane, left Los Angeles, and arrived in London. He is, in fact, still in London. However, he did not attend the Brit Awards. Neither did Niall Horan, who had been vacationing in Asia. We really don’t know for sure if Niall was ever in London for the awards, other than the tweet. We do know, though, that Harry is in London, so why didn’t he go to the Brit Awards? Why fly halfway around the world not to attend an event? Unreality TV is asking questions.

Brit awards, only Liam and Louis attended Luca Teuchmann photographer
Liam and Louis alone in the winners room at the BRIT Awards 2016 at The O2 Arena on February 24, 2016 in London, England. Notice, No Harry! Yet he was in London that day. Where was he? (Photo by LucaTeuchmann/Getty Images)

If Harry Styles is hiding out, then why? Some have suggested he may be avoiding Zayn Malik, but somehow that seems unlikely, bizarre, and senseless. He could also be avoiding Kendall Jenner and family. Kendall and Harry may have had a messy break up, and recently Kendall said on national TV that Harry smells bad, as reported by Movie News Guide. Maybe Harry is feeling self-conscious in general after such a bizarre comment has been made public about his hygiene. It is also possible that he is hiding out from the paparazzi, who ask about Kendall every time they see him. It would be annoying, and they act as if he is her property or something. Even when they are clearly broken up, everyone treats him as if he is cheating every time he speaks to a female.

Harry Styles from One Direction.
Harry Styles from One Direction. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Is Harry Styles hiding out because he is depressed, feeling agoraphobic, or somehow emotionally not up for public viewing? If so, that might explain his poor hygiene, as well as his reclusive bent in recent weeks. Maybe he is feeling a little blue and just doesn’t feel like going out and being around people so much? He has been spotted in public in London streets, but otherwise, he has been isolated.

If Harry Styles is hiding or avoiding publicity, he must have some reason. We do know that Harry has been trying to write music and engage in a deeper version of the art of music. This type of music requires putting more soul, more suffering, and more emotional energy into it than mainstream pop music, so perhaps Styles is cultivating a more somber, soul-searching mood in order to boost his creativity. We do not know, but we do know that some of the reports of his avoiding awards shows and pulling away from friends and ex-girlfriends do seem strange in hindsight.

If Harry Styles is hiding, then whatever the situation, Harry deserves patience and concern from his fans and friends as he works through whatever is leading him toward isolation.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]