‘The Division’: Leaked Weapons List And Dark Zone Objectives — Lack Of Stash And Reputation System Explained

Tom Clancy’s The Division is coming out shortly this month, and gamers have already come across findings and news regarding the action MMORPG game. A very sizable list of 58 guns has been released on Reddit thanks to people data mining the game’s files during the beta release. Also, an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session revealed other aspects of The Division and what players can expect.

For starters, the Q&A session with Ubisoft contained information that was covered in the past, however, there were questions asked by Reddit users that made for some significant talking points regarding The Division, according to a report by IGN and highlighted by YouTuber Arekkz Gaming.

The following video is not safe for work due to video game violence.

Dark Zone Objectives Are Landmarks

Ubisoft addressed a question regarding the in-game objectives. Apparently, landmarks that are significant to the New York City area will be prone to challenging encounters. According to Games Radar, there will also be favorable loot in addition to “hot zones of activity, between tense, quiet no man’s land, rather than making the rest of the map feel inconsequential.”

No Stash In The Division Dark Zone

This seems to be a legitimate concern, considering that it can get quite tedious to have to continuously go back to the base to retrieve the decontaminated stash acquired in the Dark Zone. But there is some assurance for those who don’t want to go the distance, as there are also safe houses in the area where you can retrieve your newly acquired weapons and equipment. However, these safe houses need to be unlocked first.

The Division game director Petter Mannerfelt had this response.

“When you extract a contaminated item in the Darkzone the helicopter takes it to your Base of Operations where it gets decontaminated. The stash isn’t only available in the base, you can also find your stash in safe houses that you unlock in the world.”

In The Division, it seems there is a degree of separation between the Dark Zone and the outside world beyond it. Arekkz Gaming discussed that if the stash were to remain in the Dark Zone, there may be a chance no one would be leaving it either.

Lack Of Reputation System Adds To The Mystery

Another question was asked regarding a reputation system in The Division so that the community can learn the possible ill-intent of a player. Ubisoft stated that the lack of such a system would add to the excitement of the experience, and the idea of knowing or not knowing a Division player’s intent and/or predictability adds to the mysticism.

“There is no mechanic like this in the Darkzone. I think the excitement of the Darkzone is created by the fact that you don’t really know if other players are good or bad.”

Melee And Takedown Opportunities

A Division fan asked something in regards to melee attacks or takedowns. The response by Ubisoft indicated this wouldn’t bode well in an RPG format and would impair the purpose of the Division stats when it comes to a “guaranteed kill.”

“We have experimented with it. But being an RPG with a focus on stats, this wouldn’t gel with players expectations that a takedown would be a guaranteed kill.”

The Division Files Reveal 58 Guns

Another nice treat presented to the community was a Redditor by the name of poedgirl who provided a list of 58 guns discovered in the depths of the files of The Division during the course of its beta release, according to Design and Trend. For those who are already familiar with the beta version, there were 30 weapons during that event along with the newly discovered M249 Para and AUG A3P.

Another great source of information was a YouTube commenter at Open World Games by the name of ItsGamerDoc, who provided a link to a Google Docs spreadsheet.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will become available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 8.

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