Katt Williams Gets Arrested Again After Beating Employee At Swimming Pool Store

American comedian Katt Williams was arrested on Monday after a store employee from Gainesville, Georgia, reported to the police that Williams punched him during an argument.

Authorities then rushed to the scene – a swimming pool supply store in Gainesville, which is about 55 miles northeast of Atlanta after receiving an assault call at about 11:30 a.m. ET.

There, the police found Williams, 42, lying face down with his hands at the back of his head, as if waiting to be cuffed and arrested.

According to a statement by Sgt. Kevin Holbrook, the employee, who is yet to be named, told police that he was punched at least once by the comedian.

In the statement, Williams reportedly arrived in the store with two women and then argued with the employee. The Scary Movie 5 actor then threw a pair of goggles at him, moved behind the counter and then punched him.

When police questioned Williams about what happened, he said to ask the employee instead. As of this writing, the cause of the argument has not been made clear.

Deputy Nicole Bailes of Hail County sheriff’s office wrote in an email that Williams was booked at 1:34 p.m. and was held on $5,000 bond. He faces misdemeanor battery charges as well.

Meanwhile, Janice Lee, who is a publicist for Williams, did not respond right away to phone calls and emails concerning the incident.

During an interview with BET a few years back, Katt Williams revealed how scared he was by the police as well as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This somewhat explains why the comedian decided to give himself up easily when the authorities arrived at the scene.

This is also not the first time that Williams was booked due to anger management issues. In past years, the comedian has had a history of being involved in physical altercations that resulted in injury.

Back in 2012, the comedian received a series of battery charges, one of which involved his assistant whom he reportedly punched in the face. The female assistant then sued him for $5 million in damages.

Only days earlier, the Friday after Next actor also hit an 18-year-old Berkeley teenager with a glass bottle, resulting in lacerations to the victim’s head. Williams was then arrested by Oakland police.

In October of that same year, Williams pulled out a gun against fellow comedian Faizon Love in front of the Supperclub in Hollywood, California. While Katt Williams did not deny the charges, he went on to call Love a “snitch” and a “bald-faced rat.”

Katt Williams and Faizon Love Beef

Arrest charges were also filed against Williams for another assault he committed back in 2010.

In December 2012, Katt found himself in trouble once more after he punched a Target employee for allegedly calling him a Ni—r. During his performance at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, he explained what really happened, although it did little to redeem himself from the embarrassing experience.

Katt Williams Assaulted a Target Employee and Gets Him Fired

Due to the numerous times Williams has been arrested, he seemed to have discovered that most police officers are “good.” However, these good cops should be able to identify the bad ones and remove them from active duty.

The comedian pointed this out during his standup routine in September of last year.

Aside from being a comedian and actor, Williams is also a rapper and voice artist. While he has successfully become among Hollywood’s most notable standup comedians, his frequent trips to jail have taken its toll on his career.

Katt Williams is currently filming his comeback film Bastards starring Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, and J.K. Simmons.

[Image by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]