Kendall Jenner Suffers A Run Of Bad Luck, Including A Brush With Death

Kendall Jenner is feeling a rain of bad luck as she struggles on through the week. While it cannot be an actual curse, since such things don’t actually exist, it does seem that the Milan trip has been ill-fated. Perhaps Kendall should return home, or better yet, hang out in a hotel room till her fortune improves. With a weekend like this, most girls would take a day or two off to recover a bit.

Kendall Jenner had a really bad luck weekend in Milan. First of all, before leaving, she and several of her friends had to bleach her eyebrows for a shoot. Unfortunately, the bleach caused part of her eyebrow’s to fall out, leaving them mostly absent even after they were died back, as reported by Refinery 29. As if sporting this Wednesday Adams look isn’t bad enough, her trip to Milan almost proved fatal the first night.

Kendall with Lady Gaga
Kendall and Lady GAg backstage at Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 fashion show during new York Fashion Week (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Kendall Jenner was nearly killed in a very bizarre car accident you’d have to see to believe. It seems that TMZ and several other sources caught the whole thing on video, so she can see for herself how close she came.

Kendall Jenner’s black cloud of bad luck started to really take shape when she picked that silver luxury cab in Milan. As she arrived at her hotel, it appears that the driver, for whatever reason, neglected to put the car in park and got out of the car just as Kendall steps out. The car backs up, and the beautiful model is nearly swept under the car as the door hits her leg. We can see the force with which it would have pulled her back, because the driver’s door was caught on a post, and it seriously almost took the door off. The damage is clear on the video. Fortunately, Kendall was able to leap out of the way despite her tall leather high-heeled boots.

As soon as Kendall Jenner made her escape from the taxi ride from hell, she was set upon by a crew of paparazzi bent on asking all sorts of annoying questions. Although she is not seriously injured, it’s clear it isn’t just annoyance or even fear on Kendall’s face. The car door did bump her leg, and that’s got to hurt, at least a little. It will probably leave a bruise as well. Again, the pretty model appears to shake it off and limp bravely to her hotel room. Her first course of action, no doubt, was looking for a bag of ice for her leg.

While in Milan, Kendal Jenner was seen sporting a rather hefty pimple on her cheek. It would be nice to say it was not all that big or red, but it was. There was no hiding it, so she just left it to the open air, and of course, she got photographed. OK! Magazine reports with a photo of the big red face invader.

As you know, that Kendall Jenner bad luck probably began when she and Harry Styles parted ways sometime between New Years and Valentines day. Kendall’s ego, and perhaps even her heart, are still smarting from that. Adding insult to injury, though, Kendall’s other ex, Lewis Hamilton, was very recently photographed in a cozy hug with her best friend Hailey Baldwin. This too was reported by OK! Magazine.

Hailey Baldwin and Lewis Hamilton, by Frederick M. Brown
Hailey Baldwin and Lewis Hamilton attend the 24th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Oscar Viewing Party on February 28, 2016 (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Oh my! Kendall Jenner, what an awful bad luck weekend that trip to Milan turned out to be. Fans hope things get back to normal soon, but in the meantime, please be careful. Watch out for runaway cabs.

Kendall Jenner will find her run of bad luck ends when she returns home to Hollywood, or at least we hope so.

[Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]