‘Mob Wives’ Truce Over? Brittany Fogarty Slams Karen Gravano For Allegedly Attending Big Ang’s Funeral Against Family’s Wishes

Brittany Fogarty Slams Karen Gravano For Allegedly Attending Big Ang's Funeral Against Family's Wishes

The Mob Wives truce is over. It looks like it’s back to the normal business of trashing each other on social media one week following Angela “Big Ang” Raiola’s funeral. Apparently, the drama surrounding the events that occurred at her funeral, and one particular Mom Wives cast member (Karen Gravano) that didn’t respect the family’s wishes. Brittany Fogarty claimed that Big Ang’s family asked her and Karen not to attend the memorial services because the family was uncomfortable with their presence because of their father’s history with Angela’s family. Brittany respected Angela’s family request; however, Karen was not phased by the family’s request and attended the funeral anyway.

Brittany agreed to stay away and grieve for Ang in a private ceremony; however, Karen was not as respectful and decided to attend the funeral anyway. Gravano accused Drita D’Avanzo of being the one who leaked that she wasn’t invited to the memorial service, and blasted her on social media. Brittany took to Twitter to tell her followers that Karen knew she wasn’t invited to the memorial and went anyway, which caused unnecessary tension. Fogarty also stated that Karen was aware that she told the press they both weren’t invited and Drita had nothing to do with the story being leaked to the press.

Last week, Brittany talked with Us Weekly and revealed that she was called minutes before the wake and told it was best if she didn’t attend the memorial service due to the complex history of her father and a few of Big Ang’s family members. Brittany understood why they would want her to skip the memorial service; however, she said it still hurt because she wanted the chance to tell Big Ang goodbye.

Brittany went on to state that the only fake story put out by the media was about Big Ang’s family being upset that Drita showed up with bodyguards. Apparently, Angela’s family hired bodyguards for the guests so the fans wouldn’t unintentionally hurt them. According to Brittany, it was Big Ang’s idea for her family to have bodyguards to protect them.

Brittany went on to say that Karen was living in a fantasy world where she believed that her father was a respected man on the streets of New York City. Fogarty told Gravano that she should accept the fact that her father did what he did and it upset many people. She also went on to say that it has been decades; it was time to accept that her dad for what he was — a government informant.

Brittany explained that she learned to embrace her family’s history, and even though she didn’t like what her father did, she knew why he did it. Apparently, what set Fogarty off was when Karen threatened she knew secrets about them that she was ready to expose. Brittany explained that it was too much, and she could no longer keep quiet.

D’Avanzo had rough couple weeks, she not only lost her best friend, Angela Raiola but her brother-in-law, too. Drita was teased as she struggled with her own grief. Brittany felt the need to stand up for Drita and told the fans “the three psychos” (Carla Facciolo, Karen Gravano, and Renee Graziano) were making fun of Drita while she grieved for Big Ang and her husband’s brother.

On the last week’s episode on MobWives, Karen had a meltdown when Brittany hinted she could be obsessed with Lee D’Avanzo. It just proved to the fans Karen had unresolved feelings for Lee, and she cannot seem to control her hatred for Drita.

It seems like it will only get worse as Brittany wages a war against them.

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