‘Fuller House’ News: Jeff Franklin Reveals Reason It Is Not On Television And Took So Long

Many viewers are enjoying watching Fuller House on Netflix. Of the fans, many seem to be curious why this show didn’t land on cable television. With Fuller House being on Netflix, viewers are required to pay to watch it. Some people just aren’t willing to do so or cannot afford the subscription. Variety got the chance to talk to Jeff Franklin, the creator of Fuller House, to find out all the details about why the show is not on television and how, if it had been up to him, it would have happened years ago.

Franklin has actually been pitching Fuller House for years and trying to get it going. Jeff knew that Fuller House would be a huge success, but he had to convince someone else that this show would be great. Franklin shared about how this took him years to pull off.

“I started back in 2007 with this idea and I’ve been trying to get it set up, off and on — it took six or seven years for me to get this going. I knew that this kind of excitement was going to be there, but nobody else seemed to get it. I was pitching to networks that ‘Full House’ reruns were beating every night — we were airing 40 times a week and getting millions and millions of viewers. For some reason, a whole bunch of networks didn’t understand the hunger that was out there for this show. It was baffling me. Netflix finally stepped up, and that’s why it’s happening now. It could have happened seven years or eight years ago, but it didn’t.”

Finally, Jeff Franklin was able to get Fuller House to become a reality. Franklin admits that it is kind of an “I told you so moment.” Franklin knew that Fuller House would be a success and he was right. Fans are going crazy over Fuller House and can’t get enough. Now, he realizes that a lot of people are probably looking back thinking they should have listened and done Fuller House. Everyone did not see his vision, but Jeff Franklin was right about this show.

At first, Jeff Franklin wasn’t sure about Netflix either, but it all worked out in the end. Jeff shared his thoughts.

“Somehow Netflix makes it more exciting. I love that it’s on Netflix now because I don’t think there would be the same kind of excitement if it were just going on some cable channel every week. Initially, I had sort of mixed feelings about it. I come from a different time where we’re used to putting on one show per week and seeing ratings and hyping what’s going on in the show this week. This is completely different, but it’s exactly what the audience is used to today. The only thing I’m going to miss is knowing exactly how many people are watching this thing — cause Netflix isn’t going to tell me.”

Fans are really hoping for Fuller House to come back for a second season, but so far another season has not been confirmed or denied. However, the show’s creators are also very hopeful, and they already have ideas for it; but, with Fuller House just coming out, viewers will have to wait on news about Season 2.


Glamour also shares that Jeff Franklin is giving out details on everything that fans ever wanted to know about Fuller House. He actually doesn’t remember who came up with “You’ve got it dude!” but that catch phrase is one that will always be remembered from the original Full House. Franklin also shares that he didn’t do the last three seasons of Full House. Danny’s girlfriend Vicky leaving was something that happened during the time he wasn’t on the show. Some fans expected her to return, but that just wasn’t how it worked out. If Franklin had ended the original series, it would have been done a lot different.

Are you shocked that so many networks turned down Fuller House and didn’t see how successful it would be? Do you wish it was on television instead of Netflix? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss watching Fuller House on Netflix.

[Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]