Kenya Moore Pregnancy Rumors Fueled By Recent Instagram Video – Is ‘RHOA’ Star Trolling Fans By Playing Up Marriage And Pregnancy Rumors?

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore has been teasing her fans with a secret for several days. Given her current love life and recent attempts to get pregnant, many RHOA fans have guessed that Kenya Moore is pregnant or engaged or maybe even both. On Sunday night, on the way to an Oscar viewing party, Kenya posted a video to Instagram that has the pregnancy rumors on full blast.

We have to wonder if Moore really has a secret such as a pregnancy or maybe an engagement to Matt Jordan or is Kenya trolling her fans because she knows they are clamoring to know if she is knocked up or getting married. Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think.

Kenya Moore started the firestorm of speculation about what might be going on when she posted a different Instagram photo days earlier. It was the caption, “I’ve got a secret” that had fans in an uproar. It’s no secret that Kenya is trying to get pregnant and has been for some time. She even admitted that she would be actively trying to get pregnant when the Real Housewives of Atlanta cameras weren’t rolling. Is it possible that Kenya Moore is already pregnant?

There is also the possibility that Matt Jordan proposed. Kenya has been dating Matt Jordan for a few months now and finally revealed their relationship officially at the end of January. It seems pretty quick for Matt to be popping the question, but stranger things have happened. Jordan is the first boyfriend that Kenya has admitted to in years, let alone brought to the show. Is Moore making things official with the much-younger Jordan to stop all the rumors about paid-for boyfriends? Is Matt Jordan paid to be her boyfriend? There are so many questions still about Kenya Moore’s new man and whether or not that relationship is even real. Kenya has been accused of some scandalous boyfriend stories in the past and fans haven’t forgotten.

If Kenya Moore is pregnant, did she do it the old-fashioned way or did she keep using donors? It’s about to get real interesting when Kenya confirms her secret. If Kenya really is pregnant, as Phaedra Parks seemed to confirm, RHOA fans are going to freak out. We can only imagine that Kenya would use the baby’s paternity to fuel ratings because fans would want to know if the baby was his or not.

Right now there are some pretty vicious rumors that Kenya paid Matt to be her boyfriend on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Both Kenya and Matt are denying stories that she paid him to date her for the show. As illustrated above, though, it’s not like she hasn’t been accused before.

What we do know is that Kenya Moore better really have a secret. If she doesn’t have something big to tell people, fans are going to be furious. Many already are and have been talking about Kenya on social media. So is Kenya Moore having trouble zipping up her pants in the Instagram video because she’s with child? Or did Kenya just eat a big dinner and decide to play with her Instagram followers? We already put a wager on whether or not Kenya would confirm her pregnancy during the RHOA reunion show that has already been taped. There haven’t been may leaks in the few days since filming but there is pretty good reason to believe Kenya will tell her fans that she is expecting. As far as Matt Jordan, the jury is still out on him but Kenya Moore isn’t wearing a ring on that finger in any of her recent social media pictures.

What do you think Kenya Moore’s secret will be? Or do you think the Real Housewives of Atlanta star even has a secret at all?

[Photo by Joe Scamici/Getty Images]