Gigi Hadid Shows How She Unwinds In Hot Instagram Picture

Gigi Hadid did not have a very pleasant walk on the Paris runway, but she surely took it in her stride. She wore a low cut dress that accidentally slipped and showed off her nipple, Maxim had reported. However, Gigi Hadid did not react to it and kept walking, like a professional model probably would. She posted a nice tweet that said: "Wadrobe malfunctions happen on the runway every day of fw & are...unfortunate,lol,but let's talk instead about the new VERSACE CHOKERS"

It seemed like she was not fazed by what happened on the runway at all. The supermodel later posted a picture of herself on Instagram that showed her wrapped in white sheets. It had the caption: "Jetlag." The photo was surely indicative that Gigi did not have any time to think about what happened on the Milan runway. However, it can be safely said that the stunning model surely looked great in the Instagram snap. In the picture, Gigi is holding what seems like a tumbler. It looked like she was just unwinding after a long day. She surely knows how to take things in her stride.

Gigi Hadid's boyfriend, Zayn Malik, has also flown to see her in Milan.

Gigi Hadid is a successful model and has been on the covers of several magazines. It's true that Gigi Hadid has a huge fan following, and her fans love her the way she is.

However, recently there was a controversy over her Photoshopped pictures in Vogue China. Gigi Hadid has several moles on her body, and they appear on her midriff, as well. However, on Vogue China's cover, her moles were Photoshopped out. It's true that her fans definitely do not like the Photoshop attempts, but does Gigi Hadid have a problem with them, too? It seems like Gigi Hadid is concerned about her moles because she sees the doctor about them once in a while. However, Gigi Hadid has said that she loved her moles, Refinery29 stated.
In an interview with Allure last year, she stated, "A lot of people get mad at me when they're Photoshopped out. But I don't want them Photoshopped. If they are, that's the client's decision. I love them."

"People can see a picture of my body from the neck down and know who it is because of my beauty marks or whatever you call them, moles," she goes on to say. It's true that it's easy to identify her with these moles.

When the Vogue China cover appeared, a lot of Instagram followers were infuriated with the use of Photoshop.

"Where are her moles?" wrote one user, while another said: "They edit you too much, you [sic] gorgeous birth marks and all." There are over 4,000 comments on the post, including ones demanding some answers: "WHERE ARE YOUR CUTE LIL FRECKLES...WHY WOULD YOU PHOTOSHOP THAT".

However, it's not like Gigi is not insecure about any body part of hers. She says she is quite insecure about her knees. "I hate my knees. I played volleyball for ten years, and I was a hitter. And you train to roll and slide so that you don't have to land on your knees, and I was really good at that. But obviously sometimes it happened, and they got pretty banged up. I think they are permanently swollen," she told Allure magazine. Gigi Hadid does not hesitate from admitting her insecurities, surely. It looks like she embraces herself in every way and that makes her a good role model for most women out there.She says she is very fond of Japanese conditioning treatments, she says.

Do you think Vogue China should have Photoshopped Gigi Hadid's moles? Do you like Gigi Hadid just the way she is?

[Photo By Jamie McCarthy/ Getty Images]