Leonardo DiCaprio Nearly Forgets Oscar Award At After-Party

Leonardo DiCaprio had a huge night on Sunday as he finally won his very first Oscar. Leo, who had been nominated for an Academy Award six times, has been regarded by fans as severely overdue for the prestigious award.

Leonardo DiCaprio finally realized one of his dreams by winning the Oscar for his role in the film The Revenant, where he played a man who survives the elements and nature. However, Leo was so excited about his Oscar win and celebrated so much that he nearly forgot the actual award at an after-party.

According to a report by TMZ, Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his huge Oscar win at an after party at Ago restaurant in WeHo, where he was the center of attention and seemingly had a fantastic time with those around him.

Leonardo DiCaprio nearly forgets Oscar award at after-party.
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Leo was seen puffing on a vape pen as well as sipping cocktails after his big Oscar win, and when he left the party, all eyes were on him. DiCaprio left the establishment with a bottle of alcohol that someone had reportedly given him as a congratulatory gesture and looked to be ready to head off. However, someone then came running out of the restaurant carrying Leonardo DiCaprio’s actual Oscar award, which many know is a statue of a golden man.

Wow! It looks like Leo was having so much fun celebrating his Oscar that he almost forgot to take it home with him! It’s a funny story now, but if something would have happened to damage the statue, or it had been stolen, Leonardo DiCaprio would probably be kicking himself this morning after working so hard to earn the award.

DiCaprio’s win for The Revenant was arguably the biggest moment of the night during the Academy Awards. Leo earned a standing ovation from his fellow actors and actresses and a huge applause after being announced the winner by actress Julianne Moore. Leonardo’s former Titanic co-star and close friend, Kate Winslet, was so thrilled for her friend that she cried tears of joy during his big moment.

Leo being the calm, cool, and collected man that he is said his thank yous to many people including his former directors, co-stars, friends, and parents, but also took the opportunity to speak out on a global crisis near and dear to his heart. DiCaprio asked everyone to do anything they could to help control the climate change that is happening around the world.

Leonardo DiCaprio congratulated by Kate Winslet after Oscar win.
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Of course, Leonardo DiCaprio’s big win and powerful message wasn’t the only big moment of the night. Surrounding the controversy that no black actors or actresses were nominated for an Oscar in 2016, many people spoke out about the issue, including Academy Awards host Chris Rock. Rock addressed the issue with seriousness and comedy at many different points in the show, others addressed the issue as well such as Kevin Hart, who presented an award. Other members of the African American community decided to boycott the show this year, such as Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, as well as director Spike Lee. Reese Witherspoon also revealed that she would be staying home that night in support of the cause.

Despite all the controversy, which is sure to be addressed heavily before next year’s nominations are revealed, it really was Leonardo DiCaprio’s night. The actor who has starred in many amazing movies and roles such as a very diverse, yet equally appealing, set of characters finally had his moment and everyone in attendance and at home loved every second of it. Thankfully, Leo didn’t forget his Oscar award at the after-party and hopefully has it stored safely somewhere in his home where he can admire it for years to come, or until he wins his next Oscar!

What are your thoughts on Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win and him almost forgetting the award at the after-party?

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