Shad ‘Bow Wow’ Moss Addresses Keyshia Cole Pregnancy Rumors, Lashes Out At Erica Mena After Abuse Claims

Shad “Bow Wow” Moss has been pretty busy in the love department over the last few months. Moss had a pretty nasty break up with former Love & Hip Hop New York star Erica Mena. Now, Bow Wow is battling accusations that he was abusive to Mena during their time together. To make matters messier, Bow Wow has been dodging rumors that he is dating Keyshia Cole in the aftermath of Mena. The rapper-turned-actor doesn’t want to talk about it, but there are some pretty strong rumors that Keyshia is pregnant and that Bow Wow is the father.

Erica Mena recently did an interview for Hip Hollywood where she continued to claim that Shad Moss was abusive to her during their relationship. “Do I go back on that [abuse allegation] specifically? No, those allegations weren’t just falsely thrown out there. The way I did it, I regret it, but the truth is the truth,” Mena told Hip Hollywood.

Bow Wow was furious about the interview and has denied claims of abuse by Mena since the break up. Now, he’s angry at Hip Hollywood too. Moss responded to the interview with a tweet claiming he will “never do interviews w/ HipHollywood ever.” Bow Wow claims that Erica Mena is lying about claims that he was ever physical with her. For every time Mena has said she won’t back down from the Bow Wow abuse claims, he has turned around and denied them every time.

As far as Keyshia Cole and the Bow Wow dating rumors, we’re still not clear what is going on with them. Bow Wow claims to be single and often talks about all the time he spends with his daughter, Shai Moss. Now there are rumors he has another child on the way with Keyshia Cole. The odd thing is that Bow Wow isn’t denying any of it. Instead, the CSI: Cyber actor is dodging questions about Keyshia left and right.

On a recent Twitter rant, Bow Wow was asked by a fan if the Keyshia Cole pregnancy rumors were true. Bow Wow responded by tweeting, “Yall not letting this die i see haha.” Both Shad Moss and Keyshia Cole have been dodging stories that they are currently dating or that she is pregnant. Certainly, time will tell because Cole can only hide a pregnancy for so long.

It’s strange to see Bow Wow so open about his relationship with Erica Mena but he is silent about Keyshia Cole. When a fan asked what he was thinking when he hooked up with Mena, Moss tweeted, “What you mean? At one point she was a woman i loved. Can’t fault me for that. Next question.” Honestly, fans knew Erica Mena was trouble for Shad Moss the minute they confirmed their relationship. It was pretty clear from when Erica kissed Shad while she was still technically with Cyn Santana.

Bow Wow did offer up a sort of denial about whether or not Keyshia Cole is pregnant according to Bossip. When one fan asked the actor directly if she was pregnant with his baby, Shad Moss responded and told them not to believe everything they hear. That’s kind of a denial, but not really.

Bow Wow still hasn’t talked about whether he and Keyshia Cole are even dating and we’re betting they are. Moss posted a photo on Twitter, talking about how “head rubs are the best.” We can see the side of a woman’s face kissing Moss, and many fans swear it’s Keyshia Cole. Check out the suspicious picture and tell the Inquisitr in the comments below if you think Keyshia Cole is having Bow Wow’s baby.