WWE News: Brock Lesnar Not Happy With ‘WrestleMania’ Plans Changing

WrestleMania season isn’t easy on the stress levels for WWE fans all around. For those that are connected to the rumor mill, most thought that Brock Lesnar was going to face Bray Wyatt at the Grandaddy of Them All. All of the signs pointed towards their inevitable feud. First off, the Wyatts took out Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. That was the big clue in the program that Wyatt and Lesnar would be starting soon. Alas, it didn’t amount to anything.

Changes can happen at any time during WrestleMania season. Everyone points towards the last two years as when plans changed right before WrestleMania itself. WrestleMania 30 was supposed to showcase Kane vs. CM Punk, Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan, and Batista vs. Randy Orton for the WWE championship. Last year, Roman Reigns was supposed to take home the WWE championship from Brock Lesnar. Then, Seth Rollins and the WWE Universe happened.

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It’s time like these when it’s fun to be a WWE fan. The unpredictability can make or break the programming that is being produced. People still believe the WWE doesn’t listen to its fans. However, that’s clearly a false accusation. While some may enjoy the change in plans this time of year, not everyone is a fan. In fact, Brock Lesnar definitely isn’t a fan this year.

According to Ringside News, Brock Lesnar’s WrestleMania plans changing didn’t make the Beast Incarnate satisfied.

“But, in a sudden move, WWE changed it to an Ambrose/Lesnar feud and match instead. Wyatt’s planned run-in to cost Lesnar at Fastlane never happened, and WWE instead focused on heating up exchanges between ‘The Beast Incarnate’ and ‘The Lunatic Fringe.’

“Lesnar and The Wyatts are still penciled in to feud later this year, with a match likely taking place at SummerSlam.

“Both Lesnar and Wyatt aren’t happy with WWE’s sudden change of plans. In Lesnar’s case, he wanted a match with the ‘Eater of Worlds.’ “

Also in the report, it mentions that Wyatt attacked Lesnar on WWE Raw, which also teased a program between the two. WWE likes to do this on occasion, which can ruin potential feuds. Right now, Bray Wyatt needs a boost that can elevate him to main event status. At the moment, the Wyatt Family isn’t legitimate. They haven’t beaten anyone to remain a constant force within the WWE.

Then, WWE fans clamor for Wyatt to get a WWE championship feud. Does it make sense? That’s for the fans to determine for themselves. Even though Braun Strowman’s WrestleMania plans changed, that doesn’t mean he won’t be considered for a WWE championship rivalry before Bray Wyatt does. If that is the case, then WWE fans have the right to be upset.

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Wyatt should’ve beat the Undertaker at WrestleMania. That killed all momentum he had previously received, and it wasn’t even that much to begin with. Hopefully, WWE Creative sees the potential they have in Wyatt and consider their options. While the Lesnar feud would’ve helped his career, he’s going to be included in a good program for WrestleMania, hopefully.

WWE fans consider the Bray Wyatt character as “dead.” Given his innate talent and skill to be entertaining, this tweet should never exist.

Why is it that one of the best talents in professional wrestling is being forgotten? The rumor mill is going wild about the possibility about a brand split. That is what helped many young talents get over and make the transition to WWE RAW with a gimmick and pedigree that worked. A brand split would help many, but not nearly as much as it would help Bray Wyatt.

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