Yolanda Hadid On Lisa Rinna: ‘What I Felt Then Is Not What I Feel Today’

Yolanda Hadid is learning that her co-stars may not have been out to get her this past year. Yolanda was shocked when she learned that the ladies were discussing her lyme disease on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when she was filming last year. But as it turns out, they were merely showing concern about her illness in their own ways. According to a new Bravo report, Yolanda Hadid is now revealing that she doesn’t feel the same about Lisa Rinna’s questions about Munchausen these days as she did back when they were filming the show.

“What I felt then is not what I feel today. I accepted Lisa R’s apology when she visited me at my home and was grateful that she showed up and owned her mistake. Yet, her words are out in the universe, and I must admit that once I read the definition of ‘Munchausen’ it hurt and definitely infuriated me. It was hard to understand why anyone would make such a distorted and untrue statement related to my health journey in front of my friends and millions of viewers out in the world,” Yolanda reveals in her Bravo blog.

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda thought that Lisa was referring to Munchausen by proxy — where Hadid was being accused of making her children sick. But that’s not what the ladies were referring to. Rinna had entertained a conversation, where someone was questioning whether Yolanda was truly sick with lyme disease — or if she was just making herself sick for attention.

“I like to believe that Rinna did not anticipate the ripple effect of her action when reciting the definition of ‘Munchausen’ on national TV and how that would affect my family, my children and millions of others who suffer from this debilitating invisible chronic disease, who all identify with the experience of doubt and judgement,” Yolanda Hadid reveals in her blog, adding, “I reached out to Lisa R. when her father passed away, as I felt great compassion for her loss. It’s during those times when we are humbly reminded that we’re just human, we all suffer in silence through difficult times and loss in our lives. For that I have great compassion.”

Of course, Hadid was furious with the comments made by her co-stars, because she truly thought that they were ganging up on her. Plus, Hadid was under the impression that the ladies were gossiping about her children, which didn’t sit well with her. Yolanda didn’t want her children to be the topic of the discussion, which didn’t make sense to her co-stars, as Yolanda herself had brought up Bella and Anwar Hadid’s struggles with lyme disease.

And maybe Yolanda Hadid was just stressed out at the time of filming, as her marriage to David Foster was falling apart. Fans will see later in the season how their marriage crumbled while filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There have been many reports about what went wrong in the marriage, but it is possible that it was very much amicable. Hadid has previously said that David travels a lot, and she’s been forced to stay home in bed. Maybe they just grew apart. Yolanda recently decided to change her name back to Hadid, so she could have the same name as her children. Apparently, David hasn’t said much about the name change.

But it does sound like there’s nothing but support from David. He has shown tremendous support to both Gigi and Bella, who have walked in fashion shows with him in the audience.

What do you think of Yolanda Hadid partially forgiving Lisa Rinna for the drama that happened on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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