WWE Rumors: John Cena To Return For ‘WrestleMania 32’ — Who Will He Face?

The top three matches for WrestleMania 32 already seem set and in place after just the first Monday Night RAW on the official road to the Pay-Per-View. The Undertaker is returning tonight, and his Hell in a Cell match with Shane McMahon is one that no one saw coming. The thing is, plans were set for Undertaker to face John Cena at the huge event in early April, but an injury scratched that. Still, could Cena actually make it back in time? If so, who would he face?

Ever since John Cena went out in January due to injury, it was automatically believed that he would miss WrestleMania 32. That’s kind of what WWE has been going with ever since the injury and surgery came about.

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Hence the reason that Shane McMahon is the one facing The Undertaker, and it’s taking place inside Hell in a Cell. With plans for Cena vs. Undertaker in a “Legend vs. Legend” match, there was no back-up in place if something were to happen.

Well, something happened. John Cena’s injury threw a huge wrench into the plans, and now one of the top matches has The Undertaker facing someone else. Plans for the “Legend vs. Legend” match are now on the back-burner.

The thing is, John Cena is rehabbing. Scratch that. John Cena isn’t just rehabbing, he’s rehabbing like a mad person, and he’s looking stronger than he has in a long time.

Cena has been keeping fans updated on his progress on his Twitter account, and it’s really insane to see how far he has come in a relatively short amount of time. It was just about a month ago that he had surgery, yet here he is doing things in the gym that some people can’t do at full strength.

He’s also staying incredibly positive and never giving up hope that he will be back and stronger than ever. Once again though, his tweets are rather cryptic and the way he words things makes you believe that he may know more than the “experts” do.

The entire world knows that it is killing John Cena to be on the sidelines and out of the ring. Bleacher Report wonders if he will even be able to sit idly by as WrestleMania 32 comes and goes, and if he’ll let that happen without him.

If he were to come back in time and be able to wrestle, he wouldn’t be in one of the top three matches. Those are already in place, but it’s not like WrestleMania isn’t big enough to have another marquee match-up on the card.

Still, who could he face?

  • Kevin Owens – That feud has been done.
  • Alberto Del Rio – Also been done, and no-one would care.
  • Sheamus – Again, no-one would care and that goes for anyone in League of Nations.
  • Big Show – No.
  • Bray Wyatt – Been done.
  • Braun Strowman – The crowd would riot.
  • Seth Rollins, Cesaro, Randy Orton – All injured and missing the event.

No matter what, his own doctors and especially WWE doctors are not going to let him get back into a ring and perform if he could risk himself to further injury. Just look at Daniel Bryan and the fact that he had to retire years and years earlier than he ever wanted to.

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John Cena is a huge asset to WWE, and they are not going to take a chance and let him permanently injure himself or even be out longer than he has to be. Maybe he will show up in a non-wrestling role and do something with The Rock. Sure, he may not like being there and not fighting, but it’s better than missing the event entirely.

WrestleMania 32 is just about a month away, and by that time, John Cena will be just two months removed from surgery. The likelihood of him wrestling by April 3 is highly improbable, but not impossible. His Twitter account will keep making fans think he’s going to be there and wrestling, but finding a suitable opponent for him may prove even more difficult.

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