MacBook Selfie Stick: Will This Art Project Ever Make It Into Stores?

Would you use a MacBook selfie stick?

A selfie stick with a MacBook Pro laptop attached recently started making waves online after several photos of people using the device in public were published online.

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The MacBook Selfie Stick is designed to allow consumers mount MacBook Pro laptops to the end of a telescoping pole for self-portraits with an integrated iSight camera. According to PetaPixel, this trendy selfie stick is actually capable of holding any type of laptop – not just the longtime popular Apple model.

When will the MacBook Pro Selfie Stick hit the market? What will the price tag for this unique invention read on its first day in the world of commerce?

Multiple reports confirm that it is not currently available for sale. On the contrary, the MacBook Selfie Stick was reportedly designed as an art project. The project was developed by a creative trio – Tom Galle, John Yuyi and Moises (Art404).

Many consumers may think that this type of project would never make it to the market officially or that anyone would even purchase it if it did. However, it would not be the first project developed by Moises (Art404) and Tom Galle that was available for purchase.

That was the same duo that turned the “Netflix & Chill” concept into an actual room for rent in New York City. According to the Art404 website, the creative duo apparently had a little assistance from AirBNB when it came to turning the “Netflix & Chill” room into a purchasable reality.

“The Netflix & Chill Airbnb Room is a project presented by ART404 + Tom Galle. With this project we bring the famous ‘Netflix & Chill meme’ to life and offer it as an IRL experience that people can rent for a night on AirBnB.”

The “Netflix & Chill” room was also promoted on Twitter by AirBNB last month.

The reaction to the MacBook Selfie Stick on social media has been mixed overall.

Quite a few people are apparently not very happy about it at all.

However, there were some people that were pleased and even excited by the concept of a MacBook Selfie Stick being an actual invention.

The concept of a MacBook Selfie Stick may seem ridiculous to a lot of people, but chances are that it would still be a huge hit if it was available for purchase. Why?

The popularity of the Apple MacBook Pro laptop alone speaks volumes. A vast number of people flock to stores and online websites every time Apple releases a new desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or watch. Purchasing compatible accessories and connected devices is part of that consumer package, which is why there would more than likely be at least a small group of consumers ready and waiting to purchase the MacBook Selfie Stick if it ever made it to the market.

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