‘Hajime no Ippo’ Season 4 ‘The Law of the Ring:’ Best Season Yet? Ippo Reaches Breaking Point? (Spoilers)

Popular manga Hajime no Ippo has ended with smashing wins during Season 3. Now, the fans cannot wait to see what is next for their boxing hero, Makunochi Ippo.

Hajime no Ippo Season 3 was short, but it still packed a powerful punch. Mamoru Takamura kept his promise to Coach Kamogawa to get another World Title belt when he claimed the WBC Middleweight Championship title.

It was a challenging fight for Takamura since his opponent fights by the book. Though there were times where he could have lost, Takamura held on and proved to the world that his boxing is still the best.

It was a touching fight dedicated to Coach Kamogawa. At the end of the day, he gave his two World Championship belts to the coach.

As for the main protagonist, Makunochi Ippo, he had to hold back during Hajime no Ippo Season 3. This is why Season 4 will be so much more exciting. The main question is, what’s next for the Japanese champion?

“The Law of the Ring” Breaks Ippo?

Makunochi Ippo would have to wait a little longer before he meets Miyata in the ring. Miyata would still need to defend his OPBF championship first before getting a match against Ippo, according to Journaldujapon. The two have been each other’s motivation in boxing, and this fight has been postponed long enough. This time, Miyata prepares to keep his promise and meet Makunochi Ippo in the pro ring for an official fight.

Hajime no Ippo Demsey Roll

Although it is just a waiting period for Makunochi Ippo, it is still an emotionally challenging time for him. He has fought many strong fighters in the past, and as he got to know each of them, he realized how important boxing is for these fighters.

On the other hand, Makunochi Ippo struggles to find out why he is really fighting. Before, he asked Coach Kamogawa what it meant to be strong. During Hajime no Ippo Season 1, he was beginning to see the true meaning of the word.

Still, Makunochi Ippo fought one match after another with very short goals in mind. At first, he fought to keep his promise to his boxing rival and idol, Miyata. Then, he fought Mashiba to avenge Miyata’s unfair defeat.

Makunochi Ippo moved up further and further in his boxing career. He even fought the iconic Japan Champion, Date. But, with each fight, Ippo had a different goal in mind. He never really had a deep reason why he was boxing. This will greatly affect Ippo during Hajime no Ippo Season 4.

What’s Season 4 For the Rest of Kamogawa?

The Law of the Ring will also feature the other boxing superstars of the Kamogawa gym. There will also be the big match between Mashiba and Sawamura.

Makunochi Ippo fought both, but it was with Sawamura that he really fought to defend his beloved sport. The new matchup in Season 4 is perfect since Mashiba and Sawamura both have this strong desire to win. The fight will remind both fighters that boxing without rules is just a street fight.

At the same time, Season 4 will also be an exciting season for Itagaki, Makunochi Ippo’s junior. Itagaki has been on multiple ups and downs even though he was a runner-up in junior amateur boxing.

Itagaki has always idolized Makunochi Ippo. He even went to work for Ippo’s mother to help them in their fishing business. As it turns out, the natural challenges of the fishing business helped Itagaki to build up his strength and balance.

Though Itagaki has been Ippo’s follower, Hajime no Ippo will be the season to decide who is stronger between Ippo and Itagaki. This will be a fight between a Senpai (senior) and a Kohai (apprentice).

As the story unravels for everyone, The Law of the Ring will be a season that shows every boxer’s will to win.

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