WWE Rumors: Top Five Rumors For The Undertaker’s Return Tomorrow On ‘Monday Night Raw’

On Monday Night Raw this week, The Undertaker is going to return and will be seen on WWE television for the first time in three months. Even with his absence, his WrestleMania 32 match was set up last week due to the return of Shane McMahon. There are a lot of rumors swirling as to what will happen when The Deadman comes back, so let’s check out some of the top things that may go down on Monday night.

Everyone has been wondering who The Undertaker would face at the big Pay-Per-View in early April, and there were a lot of assumptions made. Well, it didn’t end up being Sting or Hulk Hogan or Kevin Owens or Braun Strowman, but a returning Shane-O Mac.

Making things even more interesting is that the match is going to take place inside the unfriendly confines of Hell in a Cell.

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What Culture is reporting that the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh has announced that Shane McMahon will be on Raw along with The Undertaker on March 14. That is 100 percent known, but Shane McMahon isn’t advertised for another Raw until March 7. The actual confrontation may be something that WWE holds off on, but they’ve surprised the fans before.

Here are the top five rumors and possibilities for The Undertaker’s return on Raw.

The Undertaker comes down to the ring, gives a promo, and leaves.

This is one of the simplest rumors about what could happen when the Deadman comes back to WWE on Raw. The gong could sound, his music will hit, The Undertaker will walk out to the ring and speak on his upcoming match with Shane McMahon, and that will be it.

Very simple. Very easy. It starts things off for the rest of the build-up throughout March.

Shane McMahon gives a promo in the ring and The Undertaker confronts him.

Another simple possibility is Shane McMahon making his second appearance in WWE in six years and hitting the ring to speak on what his father did to him. As he starts talking about his Hell in a Cell match, The Undertaker comes down to confront him and the two face off.

It would be a great promotional shot under the WrestleMania sign and also show the huge size differential between the two.

The Undertaker turns heel and joins Vince McMahon and The Authority.

This is one of the biggest and strangest rumors going around right now, but also quite feasible and rather logical. The Undertaker hasn’t had a full-fledged heel turn in a long time, and he could go that route again, especially if Vince McMahon has anything to do with it.

It’d be really hard for WWE to keep The Undertaker’s home state of Texas from cheering for him at WrestleMania 32, but anything is possible. Everyone knows that he did make a great feel years and years ago, and it would be a fresh change.

Shane McMahon introduces a hired mercenary to take on The Undertaker.

It’s been said that no matter what, Shane McMahon is going to be in the match and will be the one to face The Undertaker. Still, it’s a rather odd choice and one that came completely out of left field by WWE when they announced it.

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Now, it wouldn’t be totally out of the question for Shane McMahon to hire a mercenary to take on The Undertaker in his place. Shane could say that there is a loophole or something and it allows him to bring in someone to fight for him, and that could be any number of stars such as Bill Goldberg, Kevin Owens, Sting, Kurt Angle, and the list goes on.

The “lock box” held by Shane McMahon holds secrets on The Undertaker, too.

It was very brief and mentioned quite quickly by Vince McMahon during the opening promo on Raw last week, but it will likely mean something going forward. He mentioned a “lock box” and said that Shane has control of it at this time. Vince said he wanted all of the contents of that lock box so that they couldn’t be held over his head anymore.

Now, it’s not something that has been really talked about and the announcers didn’t mention it much either. Remember that The Undertaker and Vince McMahon did partner in the Corporate ministry years ago, and that box could also contain secrets on him.

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The preview for Raw from WWE.com isn’t revealing a whole lot of info on this front, but fans simply wonder if he will shed light on what he has to do with the McMahon family drama.

WWE television was huge last week, and this week’s Monday Night Raw is promising to be even bigger with the return of The Undertaker. It’s not known if Shane McMahon will show up yet, but there are a number of ways that things can go as WWE appears to return to an “edgier” and more Attitude Era-type product.

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