Chris Wallace Destroys Ted Cruz And Marco Rubio In One Show [Video]

Wallace, the son of legendary CBS News reporter Mike Wallace, has moderated Republican debates this cycle, with colleague Megyn Kelly receiving much of the attention for her harsh questioning of Donald Trump. But the criticism of Kelly may change after this morning’s Fox News Sunday, where Chris Wallace utterly embarrassed Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who were both guests on his show.

Chris Wallace Destroys Ted Cruz Texas Senator Ted Cruz faced tough questions on this morning’s ‘Fox News Sunday.’ [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]First, take a look at his interview with Texas Senator Ted Cruz. The Daily Caller notes that Wallace brought up many of the scandals surrounding Cruz’s campaign, from telling caucus goers that Dr. Ben Carson had dropped out of the race to Cruz firing his communications director for falsely accusing Rubio of attacking the Bible in a widely-circulated video. Check out the reaction, according to TDC.

” ‘Chris, every accusation you raised there is incorrect,’ Cruz responded. ‘I appreciate your reading the Donald Trump attack file on that.’

” ‘Come on, sir. Wait a minute. Wait a minute, sir. You personally apologized to Ben Carson on a debate stage. You fired your communications director,’ Wallace interjected. ‘Don’t say this is an oppo file on our part, sir.’

” ‘Chris, please don’t interrupt me,’ Cruz said.

” ‘Please don’t accuse me of something I didn’t do,’ Wallace responded.

“Cruz then said, ‘Go ahead, Chris. Let me know when I’m allowed to answer.’

” ‘Don’t accuse me of something I didn’t do,’ an irritable Wallace continued. ‘Two of those things — you apologized for one and fired your communications director. Don’t say this is the oppo file.’ “

Cruz said in response that his campaign operated with the “highest level of integrity” and according to Mediaite, accused Wallace of not being this tough on Donald Trump. Keep in mind that Cruz was appearing on the same network that basically went to war with Trump over a confrontation between one of its star anchors and New York’s real estate king.

The second confrontation of Wallace’s Sunday show took place with Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Wallace noted how many of the surrogates sent to make public endorsements of Rubio have failed to note any significant accomplishments of the Florida Senator in the last five years, the only time he has held federal elected office. (Rubio was previously a state representative and the former speaker of the Florida House of Representatives during the term of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.)

Two notable examples of campaign surrogates unable to name a Rubio accomplishment during his term in the United States Senate include former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum — once a Rubio challenger in the race for the White House — and another is Nevada Congressman Cresent Hardy.

Chris Wallace Destroys Ted Cruz And Marco Rubio In One Show [Video] Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s White House supporters struggle to name accomplishments during media interviews, as Chris Wallace noted on this morning’s ‘Fox News Sunday.’ [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]During the interview, Wallace not only played video of the two men unable to name accomplishments, but he asked the senator why it was such a challenge for so-called supporters to name anything he’s done in the last five years. The following is the transcript of Wallace and Rubio’s exchange, according to Mediaite.

“WALLACE: Senator, why can’t officials who support you, who come out to endorse you, name a specific accomplishment of your time in the Senate?

“RUBIO: Well, in fairness to these folks, right, they’re signing up at the last second. They’re inspired by our message. They want to be a part of our team. We haven’t provided them, you know, all this information. I’m more than happy to tell you about my record. I’m very proud of it.

“WALLACE: Incidentally, maybe you ought to start doing that, huh?

“RUBIO: For example, we passed sanctions — yes, well, we are, and we do, but we, obviously, you can’t make people read something. And these are last minute things. It’s not fair to them.”

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]