Watch The Oscars Live Online: The Academy Awards And Red Carpet Arrivals On Live Stream Tonight

Watch the Oscars live via online streaming from anywhere even if you don’t have access to a television. Thanks to online live streaming, viewers will be able to watch not only the Academy Awards presentations but also the Oscars Red Carpet celebrity arrivals. The pre-show Oscars Red Carpet coverage begins at 7 p.m. EST and will be followed by the Academy Awards ceremony at 8:30 p.m. EST.

ABC is offering viewers the chance to watch the Oscars from a smartphone or computer through their Oscars live streaming app or website. The Oscars can be watched live from the Oscars LIVE website or via the ABC app available for Android, Apple, Apple TV, XBOX 360, Chromecast and the Fire Tablet. Though ABC is attempting to make it easier for viewers to watch the Oscars live, it is noted that to utilize the ABC app and streaming it requires a participating TV provider account for login. Therefore, if you are not a member of a participating TV provider you will be unable to access the live Academy Awards presentation.

The Oscars
Want to watch the Oscars? ABC offers live stream for viewers. [Photo by Kevork Dejansezian/Getty Images]
Not a cable subscriber? You can still keep up with the Oscars thanks to social media and the availability of instant updates. Your best bet for an actual live stream of the Oscars is to utilize the Periscope live stream service. Use the Perisearch feature to search “Oscars” or “Academy Awards” and join in on someone else’s Oscars viewing party. These will not be live streams of simply the Oscars but rather other people live streaming as they watch the Oscars. This will give viewers the ability to watch the Oscars while conversing with others in real time about the events. The problem with Periscope is that feeds may quickly be taken down and people may not stream the entire ceremony and Red Carpet event. Therefore, you may be required to hop between users for the best experience. If you are unable to find a suitable Periscope Oscars feed, you can also try other social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter for frequent updates.

You can follow the Oscars LIVE on Twitter for updates on winners and Red Carpet arrival as well as follow The Academy on Facebook. Various news outlets such as CNN are also holding Facebook live feeds from the Oscars Red Carpet and will be streaming throughout the day. To check for live feeds, simply use the Facebook search tool to search for Academy Awards or Oscars and live feeds will show up at the top of your search bar.

Vine is another great way to view some behind-the-scenes footage at the Oscars thanks to many active celebrities. From Oscar parties to Red Carpet arrivals, simply search #Oscars or #Oscars2016 for Vines from the big event. There will likely be more than enough videos under these two hashtags to satisfy. Wired suggests following particularly active celebrity Vine users such as Chrissy Teigen, Ryan Seacrest, Taye Diggs, and Jimmy Fallon for more videos.

If you still have time, you may consider buying an antenna. ABC is broadcast over the air; therefore, if you have antenna you can pickup the signal and watch the Academy Awards presentations live from your own home without a cable subscription. The antennas are sold at many local retailers and are easy to set up. Not sure how to hook up your antenna? This video below quickly explains the process.

Do you plan to live stream the 2016 Oscars? If you don’t have cable will you try to utilize social media to keep up-to-date on the latest Academy Award happenings?

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/AP Photo]