‘Outlander’ Stars Sam Heughan And Caitriona Balfe Impersonate Jamie And Claire Fraser, Plus Check Out New Character Portraits

While filming for the second season of Outlander continues to wrap up its final stages, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe recently treated fans with another surprise interview. The Outlander stars fielded a number of social media questions from fans, including queries about who would last longer on Survivor and which actor had the best impressions of the other.

The hilarious video was posted on the official Twitter page of the show. Although there was only time for three questions, Heughan and Balfe had some interesting answers in store for fans.

For starters, the pair was asked about their ability to outlast each other on the hit reality competition, Survivor. In reply, Heughan was quick to affirm that Balfe would definitely be the first one voted off the island.

The next question steered the conversation to whiskey. One fan asked the on-screen couple what would happen if the whiskey on set was real. Heughan responded by admitting that “the acting would probably get better,” while Balfe hilariously stumbled over her own words.

The official poster for season 2 of 'Outlander' shows Claire in the iconic red dress that the book readers know all about. [Image via Starz]
The official poster for Season 2 of ‘Outlander’ shows Claire in the iconic red dress that the book readers know all about. [Image via Starz]
Lastly, Heughan and Balfe were challenged to offer the best impersonation of each other they could muster. Needless to say, both delivered spot on impressions of their opposite characters. “Watching @caitrionambalfe and @SamHeughan impersonate Jamie and Claire will surely make your morning,” the video was captioned.

The latest video follows a round of promotional materials as producers gear up for the release of Season 2 of Outlander. According to Scotland Now, Heughan and Claire posted a similar interview that focused on the challenges of filming in Scotland’s crazy weather.

The second season of Outlander will feature Jamie and Claire leaving the rainy highlands of Scotland for Paris, France. With the change of setting comes a change in wardrobes as the characters try their best to blend in with the high society of 18th century France.

Lionel Lingelsaer as Louis XV [Image via Starz]
Lionel Lingelser as Louis XV [Image via Starz]
Speaking of the new digs, Yahoo recently released some new poster art for the new season. Featured in the posters are several new characters that are set to join Outlander this year. This includes the likes of Prince Charles Stuart (Andrew Gower), Louis XV (Lionel Lingelser), Louise de Rohan (Claire Sermonne), Le Comte St. Germain (Stanley Weber), and Mary Hawkins (Rosie Day).

Rosie Day as Mary Hawkins [Image via Starz]
Rosie Day as Mary Hawkins [Image via Starz]
Each one of these characters will be instrumental in Jamie and Claire’s mission to prevent the Jacobite rebellion. In order to accomplish their goals, the couple will need to mix and mingle with Parisian society, which will definitely have its own level of danger.

Meanwhile, as fans wait in earnest for the new season to finally arrive, the final leg of production is currently underway in Scotland. According to Edinburgh News, the fact that Outlander has chosen to actually film in Scotland has led to the creation of the first large scale film studio in the country.

Andrew Gower as Bonnie Prince Charlie/Prince Charles Stuart [Image via Starz]
Andrew Gower as Bonnie Prince Charlie/Prince Charles Stuart [Image via Starz]
Michael Wilson, who serves as a production manager for Outlander, told the outlet that the main goal of the new studio is to keep talent inside the country. At the same time, the studio should also help those producers who live in Scotland to work close to their home base.

“Without a proper facility for the making of mid-high end TV drama and films we’ve had to survive on scraps. I’ve seen many good colleagues move south to pursue work or leave the industry entirely. I’m currently working for Outlander… We’ve built a facility and for the first time I’m able to sustain solid work, for decent wages, at home. This job has changed the professional landscape for me and my co-workers.”

The second season of Outlander is set to air April 9 on Starz.

Tell us! Are you ready for the return of Jamie and Claire Fraser when Season 2 of Outlander premieres? Let us know in the comments and check out the video of them below.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]