‘Dating Naked’ Renewed For Season 3, Fans Warned To Expect Some ‘Twists’

Dating Naked‘s former host, Amy Paffrath, has no hard feelings over the fact that she is no longer the host of the VH1’s full-of-naked-bodies show. TMZ ran into Paffrath just outside Fred Segal in West Hollywood and had a brief interview with the former host.

Despite the fact that Paffrath was dropped a couple of weeks before filming started, the former host was pretty upbeat about the upcoming season. According to Paffrath, fans of Dating Naked should expect some “twists” in the upcoming third season.

Paffrath also said that her life doesn’t end with Dating Naked‘s decision to drop the host, as she is moving on and focusing on other acting projects. One of her upcoming shows is about “redoing your first time,” according to the 32-year-old actress.

After working with naked people in tropical locations on Dating Naked, it’s not surprising that the actress is being approached by various networks regarding new projects.

Before the world watched the first episode of Dating Naked in 2014, it seemed that reality shows were a thing of the past, according to Cinema Blend. But with VH1 finding a way to spice things up in its new show, it seems that people are once again entertained by reality TV shows.

Dating Naked centers about people sent to live in exotic locations, remove their clothes and forced to go on (pretty? no, very) awkward dates. The show also features women riding horses (imaging doing that without a bra).

And just a couple of months ago, Dating Naked was renewed for Season 3, which comes as no surprise. Each episode of the show’s second season gathered nearly 1 million viewers in the United States. And that’s pretty good for VH1.

Each episode of Season 2 of Dating Naked featured two new men and two new women going on naked dates with the two main contestants of the show – Chris and Kerri. And comparing the ratings of Season 1 and Season 2, the new idea by VH1 was received quite well.

At the end of Dating Naked Season 2, VH1 was happy to announce that the show had improved in the 18-49 demographic by 133 percent from Season 1. If the network delivers new ideas and “twists,” as promised by former host Amy Paffrath, in the third season, more fans will most likely tune in.

However, if you haven’t watched a single episode of Dating Naked, don’t get too excited just yet. The show blurs out body parts, unlike Game of Thrones. However, one of the episodes in Season 1 accidentally showed a little more of a female contestant than it had intended.

She then sued the network for the exposure. From the network’s point of view, that episode alone brought some good ratings for the show, so VH1 has no reason to complain.

Before airing Dating Naked, VH1 had been a network that mainly broadcast music videos and Behind the Music specials. But the network couldn’t swim in that music pool for long, as music platforms have been actively moving online.

Then VH1 started thinking up of new shows, and that’s how the idea to film naked people going on dates was born. Apart from Dating Naked, VH1 also airs such reality shows as Basketball Wives and Nicole Richie’s Candidly Nicole.

VH1’s new time travel series, Hindsight, had also been renewed for Season 2, but the network shortly afterwards cancelled the drama for an as-yet-undisclosed reason. So, the network is now going to focus on its reality show Dating Naked to get more people to tune in.

While Dating Naked was renewed for Season 3, the network has not yet released the date of the first episode in the upcoming season.

[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]