‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny And Carly Struggle, Maxie Frets, And Jason And Elizabeth Return To Town

General Hospital spoilers tease that there is plenty of drama on the way during the week of February 29. Morgan, Nathan, Kiki, and Lulu are all on their way to recovery, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still plenty of chaos playing out throughout Port Charles. What can fans expect in the next few episodes?

As We Love Soaps details, Maxie will be stewing a lot over Nathan’s mention of loving someone named “Claudette.” General Hospital spoilers indicate that her mom, Felicia, will be on hand to talk about this, and viewers know that Maxie will be pretty unsettled by the mention of this mystery woman.

While it would be easy to think that Claudette was simply a woman from Nathan’s past who doesn’t matter anymore, General Hospital spoilers detail that there may be more to this one. It seems that Nathan will be worried this week that Nina may fill Maxie in on the truth, and viewers will be quite anxious to know what this is ultimately about.

This week is said to bring both Jason and Elizabeth back to town after Jake’s surgery. Liz will be reconsidering her plans to be living at Wyndemere, seemingly due to the ongoing tensions with Hayden.

In addition, General Hospital spoilers share that Anna will be struggling as she faces the possibility that she could end up behind bars, teases SoapCentral. It looks like viewers will get a few more teases about Dr. Munro’s intense interest in Anna, as well, and theories are swirling about this connection.


Ava has been intensely stressed after Kiki’s shooting, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will have a breakdown during Tuesday’s show. Franco and Elizabeth continue to grow closer, and viewers will see Tracy’s health condition further deteriorate. Carly and Sonny are facing more difficult moments in their relationship, while Diane will be stepping in to try to help Morgan.

Jason reunites with Sam and Danny, and General Hospital spoilers tease that this will be quite the reunion. In addition, Sam will orchestrate a romantic evening for Alexis and Julian, while Nina and Franco are headed toward some rough moments as he continues to hesitate over having a family with her.

There will be some close moments between Sonny and Ava in the week ahead as they try to set their anger toward one another aside seemingly to focus on the recovery of their loved ones. General Hospital spoilers detail that Ava will consider exposing Paul’s blackmail to Jordan, and there will be some intense moments between Paul and Ava.


Sonny and Carly are desperate to help Morgan, but General Hospital spoilers share that he will remain in denial about how serious his situation is. Carly and Sonny are said to make a tough decision regarding his situation, likely having him committed for a bit, and it seems this will leave him heartbroken.

All of this stress over Morgan and the violence in Port Charles, as well as Sonny’s lies to Carly about his progress, will continue to put a strain on this relationship. Can they work through it and stay together, or will this drive them apart once again?

Relationships in Port Charles are shifting and fans cannot wait to see what comes next. Brooklyn Rae Silzer is headed back to town to visit Anna soon, and the new doctor in town clearly has a connection to Anna, as well. Could he magically be Anna and Duke’s son, as many suspect? Michael Easton begins his new role on the soap on March 18, and there are said to be plenty of twists and turns ahead.

What is the secret that Nathan is hiding? What’s really going on with Tracy? Viewers cannot wait to see what comes next as the chaos continues on General Hospital.


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