Song Ji Hyo: ‘Running Man’ Cast Member Says She Will Never Date An Actor, But Does That Include Her ‘Monday Couple’ Mate Gary?

From its debut on July 11, 2010, Korean variety show fans around the world have gathered together to watch Yoo Jae Suk, Gary, Haha, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo, and Song Ji Hyo compete on Running Man. Every Sunday, the show’s cast would partake in game-like missions backed by the motto to “not walk, but run.”

Since then, Running Man has become an international classic as well and the leading variety show to influence the Hallyu Wave. They have had a multitude of popular guests ranging from Hallyu Wave stars, like popular K-pop idol groups Girls’ Generation and Big Bang, to international celebrities, like Jackie Chan. They also showcased touching moments like GFriend performing “Glass Bead” and “Me Gustas Tu” for 200 participants and uniting the cast of People Who Are Searching For Smile with their families.

Because of Running Man‘s popularity and longevity, its cast have become super stars in their own right. Ergo, fans are often curious about each members’ personal lives. Song Ji Hyo, being the only female cast member, is often questioned about her dating life. Though Ji Hyo is often coy, there are times she gives major information on the matter. Such has happened in a recent interview when Song Ji Hyo made it known she will never date an actor. With that truth now known, one must wonder if this puts a damper on her “Monday Couple” relationship with Gary.

Gary and Song Ji Hyo Gary and Song Ji Hyo are known as “The Monday Couple” on “Running Man” because they often show traits of two people in a serious relationship. [Image via Kynungdong Pharmaceuticals/Nature’s Health Food Promotions]Song Ji Hyo made the comment on not dating actors when she was interviewed about her upcoming appearance on the Chinese version of variety show We Got Married. According to Kdrama Stars, Ji Hyo expressed her desire to settle down though there are certain limitations.

“I was in France recently and it was cold. I felt lonely because it was cold and at the thought of being single for so long. As a matter of principle, I will never date someone who has the same career I do. However, everyone I meet is in this business, so I may not have a choice.”

For those who do not know, besides being a cast member of Running Man, Song Ji Hyo is also an actress who had roles in Emergency Couple, The Ex-Girlfriend’s Club, and A Frozen Flower. Ergo, by her statement alone, Ji Hyo will not date another actor by principle, yet the limitation mentioned earlier is not her principle, but the fact that everyone she meets is “in the business.” Therefore, Song Ji Hyo may not have a choice but to date actors.

On the other hand, if her statement were analyzed, Song Ji Hyo does not specifically identify what makes an individual an actor. Is an actor someone who specifically chooses acting as their career or does that label extend to anyone who has acted? With that gray area, “The Monday Couple” shippers now have hope. Gary has acted in movies, but he is technically a singer and variety show regular. Therefore, the only person holding back Gary from possibly dating Ji Hyo is Gary himself. He believes his opportunity to be with Ji Hyo has already passed, as reported by Sports Seoul.

“I’ve tried asking out Song Ji Hyo for the past five years, but I think the right time has passed already. Regardless of the authenticity, we’ll still remain as the ‘Monday Couple’ that you love.”

We Got Married Song Ji Hyo and Chen Bolin will be paired together for the Chinese version of “We Got Married.” [Image via Shanghai Media Group/”We Got Married” Promotions]The second season of the Chinese version of We Got Married will begin airing on Sunday, February 28. Song Ji Hyo will be paired with popular Chinese actor Chen Bolin, who will make an appearance in upcoming K-drama Monster (2016 release).

[Photo by Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images for Burberry]