Chris Rock Cryptic Oscars Tweets, Hosting Pressure, And Backlash

Oscars host Christ Rock tweeted a cryptic teaser message about the show as the big day approaches.

On Friday, Rock took to Twitter to tease fans about what to expect from his hosting duties on Sunday night. In a very simple, yet cryptic message, Chris said “See You Sunday” and followed it with #blackout #Oscars. What really makes this message interesting, is that is accompanied with a video that is nothing but television static. Could it be that this message is an indication of things to come in Chris Rock’s opening monologue at the Oscars? One thing is for sure, based on this message it would appear that the comedian is going to address or perhaps joke about the #OscarsSoWhite issue that has been surrounding this year’s show.

Rock was named host a couple of months before the now-infamous nominations were announced. During that time he agreed to do an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about hosting the famous show. However when the controversy erupted, Chris reportedly canceled all press interviews, including the one with The Hollywood Reporter. The magazine went on to release what they tweeted as half an interview. Turns out Chris Rock has given the magazine inside access to him shooting some promos for the big night, this was, however, before lack of diversity backlash started.

Chris Rock has remained relatively quiet on this hot topic. The only acknowledgement of the issue came from Rock about a month ago when he tweeted “The #Oscars. The White BET Awards.” It showed that he knows what was happening but that was it. Plus Chris did it in a way that showcased his ability to be funny even when it comes to hot button issues.


In case you have been living in a bubble, Oscars nominations were announced and all 20 nominations in the top four main categories were for white people, causing serious outrage and controversy to plague the show. #OscarsSoWhite soon became the hastag for the show taking over social media. Black actors such as Jada Pinkett Smith, Spike Lee, and Will Smith called for a boycott of the show, none of them will be attending. It has definitely been a huge cloud over what is normally a big celebration for the film industry.

As the lack of diversity debate heated up, so did the debate about whether or not Chris Rock should stay on as host. While Rock kept mum on the subject and continued to promote the show through some hilarious promos, others were quick to speak out on whether he should or should not still host the show. Steve Harvey and Marlon Wayans both expressed their support for Rock to remain as host. However, other stars, such as actor Tyreese Gibson and rapper 50 Cent, have expressed their opinions that Chris should not host the show.

Chris Rock is going to host the 2016 Oscars and all eyes are going to be on him. Unlike the first time that Rock hosted the show, he is not simply being judged as host of the most important awards show in Hollywood. Chris is now being judged on how he addresses and deals with the #OscarsSoWhite debate. There is always pressure on anyone who is hosting an awards show but Rock has an added layer to his hosting duties pressure this year.

Whether you are a fan of Chris Rock or not, one thing is for sure. He has his work cut out for him at the 2016 Oscars. What do you think about Rock hosting the show? Do you think he will have what it takes to give fans a great performance while addressing the elephant in the room, so to speak?

[Photo by Carlo Allegri/Staff?Getty Images]