Deadmau5 Slams Playboy Model On Twitter Over Colorado Shooting ‘Joke’

Yes, “jokes” about the “Dark Knight Massacre” are indeed “too soon.” Deadmau5 righteously blasted Playboy model Tricia Evans for her very own Colorado shooting “joke” via Twitter, calling her a “piece of sh**.”

Playboy centerfold Tricia Evans tweeted her asinine response to the Aurora, Colorado shooting at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises last Friday, saying that she heard the new Batman flick was “to die for,” then asking, “too soon?” Canadian music producer Deadmau5 (formerly known as Joel Zimmerman) fired back at the insensitive “joke,” telling Evans that he “had no idea how big a piece of sh**” she is, then remarking that he has “unfollowed” her.

Evans couldn’t even wait a full 24 hours after the Aurora shooting where 12 innocent movie-goers lost their lives before posting the highly insensitive tweet, reports the Huffington Post.

Evans describes herself as a “controversial tweeter” on her bio, but tried to defend her post as a simple opinion, one that Deadmau5 didn’t have to agree with. Deadmau5 didn’t buy her excuse, expressing incredulity that anyone could find the situation humorous, and then twist it into an opinion.

Though Deadmau5 left the debate at that point, Evans continues to receive backlash on Twitter for her terrible remarks, reports NME. Her current followers stand just above 3,000 and we at IQ are hoping to see it drop quite a bit more. You can always just search for pictures of her on Google and not have to listen to her idiotic opinions.

Deadmau5 has gotten embroiled in Twitter feuds before, but it doesn’t seem to affect him. He boasts 1.3 million followers to Evans’ paltry 3,000, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The original Deadmau5 v. Tricia Evans tweets have been deleted or buried in the deluge that followed, but here are a couple that sum up each respective side:

Evans, still on the defensive amid a massive outpouring of criticism: