Kylie Jenner To Fire Kris Jenner As Manager Over Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna Feud?

Kylie Jenner is fuming over the fact that her momager, Kris Jenner, is siding with her son, Rob, in the never-ending drama concerning his relationship with Blac Chyna.

The former stripper has a 3-year-old child with Kylie’s boyfriend, Tyga, who ditched Chyna for the socialite back in 2015. With that came a lot of scrutiny — especially from Blac, who was alleged to have made endless threats against Kylie, claiming she was a man-stealer, amongst many other things.

Last month, however, it seemed as if Chyna was having the last laugh, having confirmed her romance with Rob Kardashian.

Further to the story, sources allege that Kylie Jenner is livid that her mother is allowing her son to make such reckless decisions — one of them being the fact that he is dating the mother of her boyfriend’s child.

Jenner, who has an astounding following on social media, is said to have complained about some of the things that her brother has posted regarding his girlfriend. Last week, Rob famously quoted a fan, writing: “When the p***y good but your family don’t like her so you drop your family and become an orphan.”

Aside from the fact that this could potentially be hurtful to the family, Kylie Jenner is convinced that Blac Chyna is bringing out a completely different side of Rob, and she’s not completely sure whether that’s a good thing, considering the family has been divided ever since Chyna came into their lives.

“Kylie told Kris that she is going to fire her and find different management because she thinks that Kris allowing Rob to post things like this is just ridiculous. But Rob and Kris are tighter than they have been in years and Kris refuses to do anything to stop him. She is just really grateful that her son is healthy, happy and has gotten out of his funk.”

Radar Online continues, saying that Kris isn’t in the position to change the situation in any way; she’s just happy to see her son out and about. Having spent years in trying to get Rob on the right path with fitness treatments, therapy sessions, and a personal shopping assistant to help him lose weight, nothing worked until Blac Chyna came into his life.

Kris is happy that her son is finally living life to the fullest, having started a gruelling workout plan in the hopes of getting back his ripped body in time for the summer. If Kylie Jenner is going to try and get in the way of things by threatening to fire Kris as her manager, the 60-year-old would have to accept that, knowing that the well-being of her children will always come first.

Social media users, however, feel that Kris should understand where Kylie is coming from. Last year, Chyna was said to have made numerous of threats towards Jenner, who she continues to blame for her breakup to Tyga. Kylie’s fans have acknowledged that in order for the twosome to get along in the future — and if Rob is serious with his romance to Blac Chyna — there needs to be a peacemaking sooner rather than later.

Things have already gotten to the point where Kylie Jenner is threatening to fire Kris as her manager, indicating how unhappy she is with the fact that her brother is dating her so-called enemy. Whether Kylie and Blac will ever make up has yet to be determined.

Do you think Kylie Jenner is willing to make peace with Chyna for the sake of her brother’s happiness?

[Photo by Ben Gabbe, Frederick M. Brown, and Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]