‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: What Happened During ‘TWD’ Time Jump Between ‘No Way Out’ And ‘The Next World’

The Walking Dead returned last Sunday for Season 6, Episode 10 and there had been a leap forward in time since the chaos of the mid-season premiere, “No Way Out.” It was revealed that Rick, Michonne, Daryl and the rest of the Alexandrians had been recovering from the aftermath of the walker attack on Alexandria for a few weeks prior Episode 10, “The Next World.” So, what happened while the cameras were away?

When The Walking Dead returned for Season 6, Episode 10, “The Next World,” had a totally different feel and that was done on purpose. A few weeks had passed and Alexandria was secure again. As the comic books depict, cars were lined up around the walls of Alexandria to fortify the group from outside forces. Viewers now know that it isn’t just walkers they are trying to keep out. Although Rick’s group is just learning about Negan and the Saviors, they are possibly the biggest threat wandering out in the post-apocalyptic world.

The streets of Alexandria are clean in last week’s episode and after the battle that united Rick with the rest of Alexandria, there would have been walker bodies everywhere. During those unseen weeks, viewers can only imagine Rick, Carol, Maggie, Glenn and Daryl out scooping up bodies and walker pieces to take them outside the walls. Would they burn walker bodies to get rid of them and risk sending up a smoke signal to other possible threats? We’re betting Rick was smarter than that and after the way he finally inspired Alexandrians to fight the walkers together and take back their city, he is clearly the leader now that Deanna is dead.

Speaking of Deanna, there has been some talk of how walker Deanna got outside the walls of Alexandria after the battle in “No Way Out.” The former leader of Alexandria was not-so-safely inside her own home when the walkers came after here and there was no way out for her, literally. With several walkers coming, Deanna was already presumed dead but her death was confirmed in a very symbolic way in “The Next World.”

Carl found a very put together walker outside the walls of Alexandria and it turned out to be Deanna, the former leader of the small group. Rather than kill walker Deanna, Carl led her back to the city she built and had Spencer come out to finish off the now flesh-hungry Deanna. When asked why he didn’t just kill Deanna himself, Carl explained that it should be done by someone who loved her, a theme that Carl knows so well. He put the final bullet in his own mother before she turned, after all. The scene with walker Deanna also cleared up any possible rumors for The Walking Dead fans, who still circulate conspiracy theories that Lori may be back since we have never seen her dead. Carl but a bullet in her brain for goodness sake, Lori won’t be coming back to the group to mess up Rick’s very exciting new romance with Michonne.

Back to Alexandria and the time jump, there is an eerie sense of calm now and it’s a huge difference from the chaos and action in “No Way Out.” There are just five episodes left until the end of The Walking Dead Season 6 and it’s pretty clear that the feel of the show will be much different from the first half of Season 6. Carl is seemingly going to survive the gunshot wound to his eye that helps to align The Walking Dead series with the comic books more closely than ever before. We can only imagine as the series starts to align more and more with the comic books that The Walking Dead will continue that route.

In the comics, there is no time jump and we can see Carl in a coma and there is a Lori sighting. Maybe that’s where those pesky return of Lori rumors keep coming from. For those who opt not to read the comics, Lori returns to Rick much, in the same way, has he did in Season 3 at the prison after the stress of whether or not Carl would survive the gunshot wound to his eye. Carl has massive memory loss because of the gunshot would and the coma afterward; he doesn’t remember what happened to his mom and baby sister Judith (who didn’t survive in the comics.)

It seems the AMC version of The Walking Dead skipped the coma, the memory loss, and the Lori sighting. Comicbook.com has suggested that The Walking Dead writers must have known that another Rick psychosis complete with visions of Lori would turn viewers away. It certainly wouldn’t help anyone accept Rick’s new and very exciting relationship with Michonne. Instead, viewers skipped right to Carl’s one-eyed recovery in “The Next World,” and aside from some obvious peripheral vision problems, he looks to be just fine.

In “The Next World,” Maggie and Glenn accompany Rick, Daryl, and a few others when they go to the Hilltop Colony with Jesus. This means that during the time jump, both Maggie and Glenn made it back to Alexandria safely with Enid in tow. Maggie has even progressed enough in her pregnancy to have an ultrasound from the doctor who lives in the Hilltop Colony and fans are betting that means she will probably survive having the baby, unlike Lori.

Abraham has been busy during the weeks that weren’t shown on The Walking Dead as well. The ginger-haired soldier has been spending time with Rosita and they have been seen together in bed in several scenes now, confirming their ongoing relationship. That hasn’t stopped Abraham from flirting relentlessly with Sasha, whom he has been bonding with while they work together in Alexandria and beyond. In “The Next World,” Sasha informs Abraham that she is changing shifts while they continue to flirt with each other pretty shamelessly. Has there been enough peace during the TWD time jump for Abraham to start thinking about leaving Rosita for Sasha? It’s something he has certainly considered in the last episode. Given the amount of time The Walking Dead has spent on Abraham’s love life, it’s a safe bet it’s not over yet.

Something that The Walking Dead seemed to completely ignore from the comic books is that Alexandria is in Virginia and in the wintertime it does snow on occasion. In the comic books, it would have been winter during the time jump and so far we have not seen any freezing temperatures in The Walking Dead Season 6 episodes. It’s unclear just how many weeks have passed and showrunner Scott Gimple has been elusive when asked to pinpoint just how much time has passed. Could AMC have completely skipped over the winter season? It seems that The Walking Dead team has made some great decisions in what to cover and what to leave out from the comic books. The rest of Season 6 is supposed to be very exciting on The Walking Dead, leading up to the finale where viewers will finally meet Negan after more than a season of anticipation.

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