Johnny Depp Aware People Think He Looks Like A ‘Hobo,’ But Insists He Smells Amazing

Johnny Depp recently took to the stage at the Hollywood Beauty Awards and it couldn’t be helped to carefully assess the being that is the talented Black Mass star.

Depp has been a prominent actor in Hollywood for decades now and has gotten to where he is by staying true to his himself, from style to ambition. Unlike other leading men and women of the industry, Depp has steered clear from enlisting the help of a stylist to groom him steadily along while keeping on trend. Instead, the quirky star has adapted his wardrobe to suit his own personal sense of style, that some may find eccentric while others may critic as being completely unappealing.

Julie Miller of Vanity Fair captures Johnny Depp in perfect light as she describes his personal curated style.

“[Depp’s] own personal style—a singularly Depp-ian blend of scarves, offbeat jewelry, and vintage menswear that only he can really pull off. Over the years, Depp’s style might have served as a punch line for a few snarky detractors who compared his aesthetic to that of a ‘hobo.’ And the Oscar-nominated actor knows this—not just because he is keenly aware of how the public perceives him, but because fans have approached him and said as much.”

At the award show on Sunday, Depp was happy to take the stage a joke about the reactions he garners from stepping out in his signature style, while sharing that he, interestingly enough, was voted best and worst dressed by the exact same publication. Johnny also recalled moments when meeting fans who would first take a shot at his appearances before complimenting him for his acting skills.

“When I met people they said, ‘You do look like a hobo, but you smell really good.’ And goddamn it, I smell really good!”

Depp can in part thank the lovely scent to the fashion house with which he landed a fragrance campaign, the house of Dior. Johnny was the face for the house’s most recent fragrance for men- Sauvage.

In fact, Depp’s purpose at the awards show was to present the French fashion house with an award for best fragrance, so the story of the actor’s intoxicating scent was the perfect avenue to take prior to announcing the victor of the award.

“It is an honor to be here—and I never thought I’d say this—to present the 2016 fragrance-of-the-year award for Dior Sauvage. I had a really great time working with them, to collaborate with them on their first fragrance for fellas since the launch of Dior Homme, in 2008.”

Watch Depp in the Dior Sauvage advertisement.