‘Fallout 4’ Fans Create Piper Cosplay, Vault 111 Beetle Dwelling, Blast Radius Game, And Arcade Cabinet

Bethesda Games gave credence to the Fallout 4 game community recently on their website, giving accolades for a job well done on impressing the company that started the wasteland fan base. Todd Howard would be proud. Bethesda has featured new fan creations on the “High Five” section of their website.

With the post-apocalyptic themed game still being popular, and the first Fallout 4 DLC download coming in March, fans are doing what they can to contribute their take by replicating pieces found across the Boston wasteland. It looks like the attention to detail in the game is being mirrored throughout the community by creating props, cosplay, and other renditions as well.

Piper Wright Cosplay

The iconic Fallout 4 investigative reporter found in Diamond City probes and questions the Vault 111 lone wanderer for an interview. She has the ability to become a companion, judging your every move like any other companion. Now, a real life, a stunning likeness has been revealed. Lorethia Cosplay of Facebook put together a very well done cosplay of Piper Wright, down to the scarf, gloves, and Newsies hat. One picture was taken of herself holding a Nuka-Cola prop as provided by Attribute Cosplay.

There is also Piper holding a facsimile of her Publick Occurrences newspaper.

Other Fallout 4 mentionable cosplay characters have been rendered, such as the old model synth Nick Valentine of the Valentine Detective Agency, as reported by Geek. Also, an impressive cosplay of the Hancock character of Goodneighbor is presented by Preston Garvey in a video short noting the ongoing “settlement problem.”

Blast Radius Board Game

Another Fallout 4 enthusiast, clownpaillasse of Tumblr, created their own Blast Radius board game, crafting cut-out pieces that can be printed out, pieced together, and folded to create a real life prop. In Fallout 4, the board game is found randomly in the wasteland and can be utilized for building materials. It was a fictitious game created by a fictitious company amusingly named Don’t Be Bored Games. The object of the Blast Radius game is to get away from ground zero as fast as possible.

A mod released via MonkyMods last month re-textured the box art for Blast Radius, giving it a more detailed and impressive look.

Lego Built Mini-Vault 111 Beetle Terrarium

Entomologists would be envious of this creation of a beetle terrarium constructed with LEGOs, minus the radiation of Fallout 4. More images can be found at Valentyn’s Imgur page, showing the various stages from beginning to end. His Nuka-Cola vending machines and bottles, Vault 111 door, and lunch box were all created with a 3D printer. He even posted links to the corresponding files.

The Vault-Tec Radiation King Arcade System

Fallout 4 fans who enjoy ’80s (or ’90s) nostalgia will be amazed by an arcade game cabinet featuring a themed Fallout design with Vault Boy on the side and what looks to be a Street Fighter controller configuration on the front. A nice set of speakers are set into the top of the cabinet. The guts of the system are that of an XBox 360 and a Raspberry Pi 2 board. Though there are only six buttons, it may be possible to pull it off by mapping a lone wanderer’s favorite weapons to the six.


These fan creations seem to show that the Fallout 4 game hype hasn’t died while fans are using their creative juices via Bethesda’s popular game title. Perhaps the upcoming DLC will provide more inspirational thought among the Fallout community? What do you think will make them S.P.E.C.I.A.L.?

[Image via Shutterstock/Photo by Lauren Elisabeth]