‘RHOBH’ Star Yolanda Foster Begging Producers To Bring Back Troubled Kim Richards Full-Time Next Season

A lot has happened in Kim Richards’ life since her last appearance on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. From her battle with alcohol abuse to the passing of her ex-husband, Monty Brinson, Kim had a rough year, to say the least. While the reality star gears up for her cameo this season, Yolanda Foster recently expressed her desire to see Kim back on the show full-time.

Foster has been at the forefront of controversy this season with her fight with Lyme disease and her surprising divorce. Even still, the reality star has managed to deal with the accusations against her and maintain her good standing on the show.

An inside source told Radar Online that Kim has offered Foster support throughout her problems this year. This includes standing by her throughout her struggles with her illness and the separation from her husband, David.

Yolanda and David Foster [Image via Bravo] Yolanda and David Foster [Image via Bravo]Because of her support, Yolanda Foster has lobbied producers to bring Kim back on a regular basis. Fortunately, Kim has positioned herself for a potential comeback as her co-stars have watched her deal with her ex-husband’s death in a healthy manner.

“Yolanda has been so impressed with Kim’s commitment to her sobriety,” an insider shared. “Watching Monty suffer for so very long was the hardest thing for Kim to deal with. She basically put her life on hold for the last two years to take care of Monty. Yolanda wants Kim to rejoin the cast of the show for next season.”

Meanwhile, Radar Online is reporting that Kim is set to make her first cameo this season of RHOBH. Apart from the fact that Kim will receive a good payday as a result of her time on the show, the reality star also wants to use this opportunity to show how much she’s turned her life around.

“It’s now time for Kim to take responsibility for earning a paycheck,” an insider told the outlet. “Kim wants the world to see how she has been able to overcome so many obstacles, including two arrests, and trips to rehab. She never gave up, even when everything was stacked against her. She wants to come back to RHOBH next season, happy and healthy.”

As far as Foster is concerned, her divorce with David is expected to play a large role in the second half of Season 6. With that in mind, a source close to Foster explained to Radar Online how the network is going to use Foster’s divorce as a way to draw in viewers.

Kim Richards [Image via Bravo] Kim Richards [Image via Bravo]The only problem with including Foster’s messy divorce on the show is that both stars signed an agreement that prevents them from talking about each other in public settings. This includes reality television.

“Yolanda and David discussed the importance of handling the proceedings with dignity and class soon after she filed,” the source stated. “So she refuses to speak badly about him on the show. Of course, she is saddened by the end of the marriage, but she won’t allow the intimate details of what led to the breakdown of the relationships to become public fodder.”

However, that doesn’t mean that her co-stars are under the same obligations. In fact, fans can rest assured that some of the ladies will bring it up on the show, even though Foster will not be able to respond.

In the meantime, Foster is determined to confront the mounting rumors about her battle with Lyme disease. With some of her co-stars accusing her of having Munchausen syndrome, the reunion special is going to be one heated affair.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues Tuesday nights on Bravo.

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[Image via Bravo]