Is Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home” About To Be Their Biggest Hit Yet?

Fifth Harmony are taking over with their new single, “Work From Home,” and it looks like the sexy track could well become their biggest hit to date.

Fifth Harmony fans just can’t seem to get enough of the girls’ latest single, the lead from Fifth Harmony’s upcoming sophomore album 7/27, which has been shooting up the charts since it was officially released on February 26.

According to Billboard, Fifth Harmony’s latest smash – which also features rapper Ty Dolla $ign – shot to the top of the chart company’s real-time Billboard + Twitter Trending 140 chart and stayed there for five consecutive hours.

“Work From Home’s” music video has also been making serious waves on VEVO, as Fifth Harmony update account @musicfacts_5H confirmed on Twitter on February 26 that Fifth Harmony’s latest music video was “the most viewed video on Vevo today.”

Pop Crave also confirmed that the Fifth Harmony ladies managed to reach more than 1 million views of their new video in just 12 hours, which is thought to be the fastest climb to 1 million views for a girl band in music history.

Just less than 24 hours after its official release, Fifth Harmony’s newest music video currently stands at just under 3 million views on the girls’ YouTube account.

But it’s not just millions of views that Fifth Harmony – made up of Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui – are gaining from their sexy new project.

Fifth Harmony update account @5hWorldNews also tweeted out that Fifth Harmony’s official VEVO channel on YouTube gained around 38,000 subscribers in the first 22 hours after the “Work From Home” video was officially posted to their account.

The track is also seriously heating up charts around the world, as Iranian radio company NRJ Lebanon revealed on social media that Fifth Harmony’s newest song is “currently #1 on iTunes [in] 14 countries.”

The Fifth Harmony ladies took to social media to thank their close to 3 million Twitter followers after their huge release day, telling fans that “the 7/27 era will be next level.” Alognside the hashtag “WorkFromHome,” Fifth Harmony added, “Thank you for an unforgettable day.”

But, while Fifth Harmony’s newest hit is rocketing up the charts, Camila is opening up about the song in a new interview with SPIN.

Cabello admitted in the new interview that she and her Fifth Harmony bandmates new that track was “gonna be a big one” the first time it was played to them last year, and also revealed that the Fifth Harmony ladies “just fell in love” with the song.

“We were just obsessed with it because it’s laid-back and chill and has a kind of urban pocket to it,” Camila told the site of Fifth Harmony’s reaction following following the February 26 release. “I think that’s why we loved it so much, because it branched out in different ways than everything else [Fifth Harmony had] recorded and when you’re making an album, you always want to find different pieces of the puzzle, not just one of the same.”

The Fifth Harmony beauty also admitted to SPIN that she and her Fifth Harmony bandmates were pretty excited to team up with rapper Ty Dolla $ign for the hot new song, where Cabello also revealed that the rap is actually her “favorite part of the song.”

“Ty added such an amazing flair to it… the way that he plays with the melody and his dissonant notes,” she told SPIN of Fifth Harmony’s collaboration with the star. “He made his own hooky part out of the bridge.”

Watch Fifth Harmony’s brand new music video for “Work From Home” featuring Ty Dolla $ign below.

Do you think “Work From Home” will be Fifth Harmony’s biggest hit to date?

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]