Kim Kardashian Defends Kanye West, Says He Is Creative

Kim Kardashian has spoken out, defending her husband Kanye West for his rants over Twitter. She says that he is creative, and simply standing up against the world. This is all despite the rumors spreading that the two are getting a divorce.

West has always been known for his erratic behavior, but things are getting worse as of late. He is regularly on Twitter ranting about something. Some of the latest controversy revolved around the rapper telling white publications to stop reporting about black music, and asking Mark Zuckerberg for money because he is $53 million in debt.

Shortly after some of his recent tweets, rumors spread that Kim Kardashian was considering a divorce. It did not help that rumors spread that West had stolen money from her, and she had only just found out about it. The two have separate bank accounts, and they each protect their own assets considering they have income from two different business ventures.

Kardashian even had support from family members to divorce her husband, according to some rumors. Kris Jenner had reportedly even encouraged it because West was starting to destroy the Kardashian brand. Reports showed that despite just having a second child with him, Kim was considering a breakup to protect herself and her children from his downward-spiraling behavior.

However, it now looks as though the rumors were all a lie. Kim Kardashian has started defending her husband’s Twitter rants, and even praised him for his creativity in handling the world that is against him. The New York Daily News stated that Kim shared a blog post where she said she loved her husband, and wants others to be as honest as him. In her eyes, Kanye has simply spoken the truth through his Twitter rants, whether it has been hitting out at white publications or attacking Taylor Swift.

The Daily Mirror reports that rumors previously stated that Kardashian wanted her husband to get a PR team to handle his Twitter account. He reportedly needs help to improve his image, and she allegedly worried about his ability to move further in the business. The recent blog post goes against all that, as she wants him to be more honest and creative; and social media is just the way for him to do that.

She has not commented on his decision to only release his new album on Tidal, or his consideration to sue The Pirate Bay for allowing more than half a million people download it illegally, nor has she commented on his business sense to not allow the album to be sold anywhere, limiting the amount of money that he could make from The Life of Pablo.

Arguably, no press is bad press. Kanye’s actions have continually kept him in the public eye over recent months. People know that there is not just a new album out, but a new season of clothing from his Yeezus collection. That could spark more people to buy than they would have done previously. Kardashian continues to support her husband’s fashion brand, wearing Yeezus products regularly.

Right now, Kim’s main focus is keeping her family together. She and Kanye have two children together, one who they just welcomed into the world in December 2015. She also reportedly gets $1 million per year for being married to him, according to the pre-nuptial agreement signed in 2014. It is possible that she sees this as more of a business venture than anything else.

It also looks like she has fun reading West’s tweets. The question is whether this is because they really are honest, or because they are a form of entertainment. Some of them are confusing and aggravating, but they certainly keep Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in the public eye.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]