Military Tank Battles Take Over ‘GTA Online’ With A New Game Mode And Bonus Events

Just weeks after adding new content to Grand Theft Auto V as part of the recent Valentine’s Day update, Rockstar Games is once again back to giving GTA Online players more to do by releasing yet another brand-new game mode to the popular sandbox title. Like most new content that has been regularly tacked on to Grand Theft Auto V in the past year, the newly introduced match type happens to be one of the themed competitive sessions that Rockstar Games refers to as an Adversary Mode.

The developer officially detailed GTA Online‘s latest Adversary Mode on their Rockstar Newswire blog in the early hours of Friday morning shortly after the new content patch went live on the Xbox One, PlayStation4, and PC. As with all new features for Grand Theft Auto Online, the update wasn’t made available on last-gen consoles.

GTA V Rhino Hunt Week Rockstar is celebrating the release of Rhino Hunt with a bonus event [Image via Rockstar Games]Titled Rhino Hunt, this week’s Adversary Mode addition has players facing off in a new game match with a lopsided number of participants. One team will take command of GTA V‘s titular Rhino assault vehicle. In order to take on the heavily armored military tank, spots on the opposing team are filled by a greater number of players with access to off-road buggies and explosive armaments that can hopefully be used to swarm and overwhelm the superior Rhino.

“Rhino Hunt – a brand new GTA Online Adversary Mode – is now available in-game. This is a battle of the nimble and numerous against the mighty but few as a team of Sticky Bomb-wielding Hunters in dune buggies and other vehicles seek to take down one or two of the biggest and most elusive game in Southern San Andreas. Rhino drivers must utilize the sheer strength and firepower of their tank to survive against the onslaught of Sticky Bombs thrown in their direction.”

In order to give fans a great incentive to try out Grand Theft Auto Online‘s latest update, Rockstar Games also announced that a week-long event will run in the game starting today. During the Rhino Hunt Week, users will earn twice the normal amounts of cash and experience for completing the new Adversary Mode. Rockstar Games has even created a custom playlist that allows gamers to easily queue into random Rhino Hunt matches.

“From today through Thursday March 3rd, earn double GTA$ and RP when you square off in the new Rhino Hunt Adversary Mode that launched earlier today. You can jump straight into the explosive action of Rhino Hunt in the current Event Playlist, accessible at the push of a button from the GTAV launch screen -or hop straight into any Rhino Hunt skirmishes outside the official Event Playlist to get 2 times the GTA$ and RP.”

Those seeking a little more variety will be happy to learn that this week’s bonus payouts can also be earned from taking on any of Grand Theft Auto Online‘s Freemode Events through next Thursday. Rockstar Games is also still wanting to show off the recent Valentine’s Day content, so the Till Death Do Us Part Adversary Mode is also eligible for the double rewards.

GTA V V-Day mode The Till Death Do Us Part Adversary Mode brings couples-based action to GTA Online [Image via Rockstar Games]In addition to the mission bonuses, GTA V fans can also find several great deals during the event week as Rockstar Games has temporarily marked down prices on a variety of in-game tactical gear. The sale includes a 25 percent off discount from any military vehicle from Warstock Cache and Carry. This can end up saving players thousands of dollars off tanks, helicopters, and other utility hardware.

Today’s new content update for Grand Theft Auto V once again proves Rockstar Games’ continued support for the title’s online multiplayer mode. As the Inquisitr pointed out earlier this week, the success of GTA Online is likely one of the reasons that the game has yet to receive a single player DLC.

[Image via Rockstar Games]