‘Marvel Heroes’ Advance Pack 3 Final Hero Announced, Beast Will Soon Join The Roster

Although fewer playable heroes and team-ups will release in the coming months on Marvel Heroes, players still have seven new heroes and at least four new team-ups to collect. Advance Pack 3 is on sale now including all of these characters for a heavily discounted price, but the pack will only be around for a limited time. In fact, sales of the Advanced Pack 3 bundle will cease on March 4 so players looking to get all those characters for a fraction of the price will need to act quickly.

When the Advance Pack 3 was first announced, the seventh playable character was still a mystery. Now, Gazillion Entertainment has confirmed that Beast, Hank McCoy, will be the seventh character in the pack on the official website. Players can buy access to all the playable characters and team-ups coming to Marvel Heroes now in order to receive them as they release throughout the coming months with the Advance Pack 3. Otherwise, each hero can be purchased individually as they release through their personal pre-order packs, the in-game store, or without real money by collecting in-game Eternity Splinters.

Marvel Heroes The lineup of heroes in Advance Pack 3 [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]The order in which the planned heroes release is still to be determined, so the fact that Beast was announced last means little to the release schedule. The first playable hero from this round of Marvel Heroes characters is about to release, though. That is the main reason for the removal of the Advance Pack 3 sales on March 4. Green Goblin has already made an appearance on the game’s test server with a release expected in March. Currently, the next hero is Elektra, as stated on the official forums, with no estimated release date at this time.

Beast, Green Goblin, and Elektra are not even half of the heroes players can unlock over the next year or so in Marvel Heroes. As the Inquisitr reported, Angela, Black Bolt, Nick Fury, and Ultron will also be playable in the game in the future and are part of Advance Pack 3. Four team-up heroes are also coming soon including Kamala Khan and Miles Morales. Two additional team-ups are projected to release as well but their identities are not known at this time. Players can pick up a Deluxe Edition of Advance Pack 3 now with all upcoming heroes and team-ups for $80. A Standard Edition of Advance Pack 3 is also available for $60; however, this edition does not include the team-up heroes. Both packs include a number of boosts and each hero’s personal bank space. The pricier option also includes an additional costume for each of the heroes and early access to Spider-Man’s Iron Spider Costume.

Marvel Heroes A collection of heroes, and a Magik team-up, in Marvel Heroes [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]Alongside a steady stream of hero and team-up releases, regular events run each week in Marvel Heroes in addition to any special events that may be underway. Right now the returning A.R.M.O.R. Incursion event is in progress with the special Leap Year event running this weekend. Players can collect A.R.M.O.R. Drives all across the game to purchase special items from Jocasta in Avenger’s Tower. Pick up unique gear and complete the event’s achievements for special rewards. The event also offers a quest called A.R.M.O.R. Defender which lets players collect one Ultimate Upgrade Token for the hero of their choice.

In addition to the A.R.M.O.R. Incursion event, players will also benefit from a 229 percent experience buff to celebrate the Leap Year weekend. This buff is active now and will end on Monday, February 29. Additionally, all players that log in to Marvel Heroes on Monday will receive a leaping Throg pet to commemorate the Leap Day. Players looking to level even faster can pick up boosts at a discounted price this weekend, too. Not to mention, the regular Monday event of Midtown Madness will surely be an effective place to level during the Leap Year event.

[Image via Gazillion Entertainment]