‘Love & Hip Hop New Orleans’ On VH1: Prospective Stars Confirm Filming — What Does Mona Scott-Young Say About New Series?

Is the Love & Hip Hop franchise expanding to New Orleans? The Shade Room reported that VH1 is filming another LHH series and it looks like several possible stars of the show are already talking about it on social media. Mona Scott-Young has commented on the new Love & Hip Hop location and claims the excitement over the New Orleans version of the show is just a rumor. However, several sources have confirmed that filming is already taking place and that there are more plans to film over the weekend.

Several entertainers have been claiming on social media to be a part of the Love & Hip Hop: New Orleans filming on social media. TSR posted an Instagram photo from 10thWardBuck confirming his part in the filming, but it has since been removed. Is that proof that LHHNO is filming and VH1 just hasn’t given the green light for the stars to talk about it yet? That very well might be the case. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood was rumored for months with several possible names before it was finally confirmed with Ray J as the centerpiece.

Mona Scott-Young is currently denying that Love & Hip Hop is coming to New Orleans. The show creator responded to rumors of the newest installment saying, “I LOVE the beautiful city of New Orleans and I would love to do a show there BUT there is no Love & Hip Hop New Orleans being cast or shot right now.” Then Mona went on to say, “Not sure how this rumor got started but yall flooding my timeline on some false information.”

Now LHH fans are left wondering if there really is filming happening in New Orleans and if VH1 just hasn’t given the green light yet on the show. Don’t forget that Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood filming stories were denied for months before learning that there really was a series in the making. Another thing to consider is how much time Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly from Love & Hip Hop: New York spent down there. Gunz was tweeting from Mardi Gras just this year and the allegedly-estranged couple have been known to spend months at a time down there. Rich Dollaz hopped from New York to Hollywood so it wouldn’t be unheard of for someone like Peter Gunz to hop over to another series too.

As far as the reported cast that claims to be filming now, Mystikal is said to be heading up the New Orleans cast. According to TSR, “social media personalities TokyoxVanity, Supa Cent, 10thWardBuck and his baby mama Trelly” are also involved in the filming. Supa Cent is even said to have shown off some paperwork proving her part in the show, but since then, her Instagram account has gone silent. Likewise, 10thWardBuck also deleted an Instagram post that clued fans in about his role on the show. It seems that as soon as the Love & Hip Hop: New Orleans news started making its way around the internet, those reportedly involved started making their social media accounts private and deleting posts. Is that proof that the show is still top secret and still might be in the works?

Some Love & Hip Hop fans are talking about the proposed cast and many are scratching their heads. Most locals know who at least a few of the entertainers are, especially Mystikal, but otherwise there doesn’t seem to be a name big enough to draw a fanbase nationwide. With so much talent in New Orleans, certainly they could recruit bigger names. Master P might not be interested, but Silkk Tha Shocker or Juvenile might be interesting on the show. Maybe Mona will take a few suggestions before too much filming happens.

According to one of the sources we’ve uncovered, “Filming started last night” which would have been Thursday night, and is reportedly supposed to resume again on Sunday night after a second line parade. The source pointed out that the Sunday filming is for 10thWardBuck for an event in New Orleans. It sounds very much like VH1 may have plans for Love & Hip Hop: New Orleans, but just aren’t ready to spread the word on it yet. Do you think LHHNO is filming or is this just a huge rumor and a lot of wishful thinking?

[Image via VH1]