Adidas Color Of #TheJacket: Is This Jacket Blue And White Or Black And Brown? Tumblr Brings 2016’s #TheDress

Just when the world got over the whole issue of “The Dress” from a year ago, which had some folks seeing a black and blue dress while others saw a white and gold dress, here comes #TheJacket conundrum. The below Tumblr photo says that the jacket shown is blue and white in real life — or “IRL” as they say — but to others it doesn’t appear blue and white. A good majority of folks think the jacket appears black and brown.

the jacket real color
[Image via Tumblr/poppunkblogger]

“I hate to make a new blue/black white/gold dress meme but my friend has this jacket and she says it’s white and blue but I see black and brown pls tell me what you see.”

The Jacket Is Blue And White IRL,” the Tumblr post from “poppunkblogger” appears to be a reblog of the Tumblr post from Dammit Michael, with the duo seemingly going back and forth about the viral nature of the simple little photo that was posted.



Meanwhile, publications from TMZ to Buzzfeed have picked up on the story, with TMZ quizzing folks about whether they see a blue and white jacket or a black and brown jacket.

TMZ noted that #TheDress debacle happened exactly one year ago, and sent sales of the dress skyrocketing. Whether sales of the jacket will now follow suit remains to be seen. Either way, the current results of the TMZ poll — with nearly 55,000 peple weighing in this far on the jacket’s color — show that the majority of people see the jacket as blue and white.

#TheJacket has 32 percent of those asked seeing it as blue and white, which is supposedly the color of the jacket in real life. However, the colors black and brown come in a close second in the poll at 24 percent.


  • Blue and white 32 percent
  • Black and brown 24 percent
  • Green and gold 19 percent
  • Green and brown 15 percent
  • None of the above 10 percent

Total Votes: 54,594

Some folks just don’t understand how other people see the jacket as blue and white when they clearly see black and brown. Just like with the dress conundrum, it’s likely a matter of how the sunlight or other lights were hitting the jacket when the photo was taken.

Bro. I checked this on two different screens with two different panels and it’s black and brown on both of them. I think ppl seeing blue and white needs to visit their doctor ASAP

32% (highest number) said blue and white. WTF

It’s clearly blue & white people need their eyes checked

On Twitter, the reaction to the jacket shows that some folks also see silver in the jacket, instead of white or brown. It’s another one of those interesting tests that proves not everything is black and white, especially when it comes to color perception and viewpoints — be they visual or otherwise.

Some of those commenting on the jacket wondered about the style of the jacket — and whether or not it was an Adidas classic jacket or an edition made for, or designed, by a celebrity.

Is that the Pharrell Williams Adidas jacket? Didn’t those come in just three colors? None of which are black and brown.

… it’s a classic Adidas originals track jacket…

On the Adidas website, jackets come in a variety of colors. There’s black, “Legend Ink” — which appears blue — “Collegiate Navy” and “Collegiate Orange” — and many, many more colors of Adidas jackets.

To solve the latest mystery of the color of the jacket, it would likely help to see the original jacket via a video and not just a still image — and view it in varying lights.

[Image via Tumblr/poppunkblogger]