Olympic Stamps To Feature Gold Medal Winning Athletes

British Olympians just got a little more incentive to win a gold medal. Britain’s Royal Mail announced today that any member of the British Olympic who wins a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics will get their very own Olympic stamp.

The Royal Mail said that they plan to have the Olympic stamps available within 24-hours of the gold medal victory.

The Royal Mail writes:

“We’re proud to announce a Royal Mail first. Each Team GB hero who wins a Gold Medal will be immortalized (on an Olympic stamp). The ultimate way to remember London 2012. As Team GB collects Gold, we’ll issue Special Stamps the next day.”

The Associated Press notes that the Britain’s Royal Mail will also release a set of Olympic stamps regardless of gold medals. The Olympic series will feature four of the most popular sports next to famous London landmarks. The stamps, which will be available the day the Olympics begin, will show cyclists, divers, fencers, and runners next to the London Eye ferris wheel, the Tate Modern museum, the Tower Bridge, and the Olympic Stadium.

The Royal Mail writes:

“London is making history as the first city ever to host the Olympic Games three times. To celebrate this momentous occasion we are proud to present perhaps our most ambitious Special Stamp issue ever commissioned: our tribute to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

How many special Olympic stamps do you think the Royal Mail will make for Great Britain’s gold medal athletes?