Louis Tomlinson And Briana Jungwirth’s Custody Battle: Briana Allegedly Keeping Louis From Son, Wants More Money

Louis Tomlinson is trying to spend as much time with his baby son as he can, but the mother of little Freddie Reign Tomlinson reportedly isn’t making it easy—according to recent reports, Briana Jungwirth allegedly tried to bar Louis from spending time with his son until he coughed up more cash.

Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth have been co-parenting Freddie since his birth on January 21, and things seemed to be going pretty smoothly until now. Louis and Briana remained on friendly terms after their short fling that produced Freddie, but now that money is involved in their relationship, they aren’t being quite as chummy.

According to TMZ, Louis Tomlinson recently “lawyered up” in anticipation of a custody battle with Briana Jungwirth. The Los Angeles-based stylist allegedly got greedy and decided to deny Louis access to his son unless he paid for the privilege of seeing him via higher child support payments.

Louis Tomlinson reportedly had hopes that a court hearing would result in an order establishing paternity and granting him increased access to his son. However, shortly before the hearing, he and Briana Jungwirth reportedly negotiated a temporary truce in their custody battle.

According to TMZ, Louis will now get to visit Freddie for a few hours at a time during the week, but Briana has taken overnight visits off the table for the time being. As far as money is concerned, it seems as though the parents’ previous arrangement will stay in place while their attorneys work on a formal agreement that covers custody and child support payments.

Louis Tomlinson has simply been paying Briana Jungwirth’s living expenses, but she recently decided that she wanted him to fork over a set amount of cash. The amount she was asking for was reportedly so high that Louis finally gave up on trying to play nice with the mother of his child, and it’s possible that this dispute is far from over. According to People, Briana and Louis will have to head to court if they and their lawyers can’t hash out an agreement that’s satisfactory to both parties.

In addition to paying Briana’s everyday living expenses, Louis forked over “hundreds of thousands of dollars” for her new three-bedroom home in Calabasas, California. Last month, TMZ reported that Briana was happy with her “modest” digs, and she was telling friends that she wasn’t going to get greedy. She allegedly thinks $600,000 a year is a reasonable amount for Louis Tomlinson to pay in child support payments.

According to the Daily Mail, Louis and Briana were once on such good terms that she was invited to attend a One Direction concert. Last September, Louis’ former lover was spotted watching One Direction perform at the O2 arena in London. She was in a roped-off VIP section with members of Louis’ family. However, Briana has discovered that she’s not always going to get the VIP treatment simply because she’s the mother of a 1D baby. According to Gossip Cop, someone recently started an untrue rumor that she made a sex tape with two men.

Even though Louis Tomlinson is finding out that co-parenting can get pretty ugly, he loves being a dad. While attending the Brit Awards on Wednesday night, he admitted that he finds it hard to be away from Freddie — which could be why he was so ready to drag Briana Jungwirth to court when she told him he couldn’t see his son.

“I’m still getting used to it. It’s my first time away from him so I miss him, obviously, but it’s cool. I do get Father’s Day now,” Louis told Capital FM.

Louis also revealed that he’s a hands-on dad who doesn’t shy away from diaper duty, and he seemed a bit insulted that anyone would assume that he’s the type of father who’d leave all the gross stuff up to his baby’s mother.

“I’d actually probably changed about a hundred nappies before Freddie because I used to help out with my sister so I have changed his nappy, thank you!”

Because he’s so comfortable with fatherhood, perhaps it should come as no surprise that Louis Tomlinson is already talking about having more kids.

“It’s great, I’m enjoying it a lot and I’d definitely like more kids but not just yet,” Louis told the Mirror at the Brit Awards.

What do you think of Briana Jungwirth trying to use Freddie to get more money out of Louis Tomlinson?

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