Kanye West Doing Drugs With Miley Cyrus? Not If Miley's Pregnant

The Daily Star reports that a Snapchat clip, leaked by fashion personality Ian Connor's Snapchat account, is filled with some interesting information. Firstly, it sounds like a collaboration between Migos and Kanye West can be heard playing in the background of the clip.

The Snapchat features two members of Migos in the front of the car, but things get even more interesting when the background track plays and a singer who sounds suspiciously like West can be heard over the track.
The words themselves from the Kanye-like singer have some interesting information in them. The singer tells us, "I'm sniffing Miley Cyrus with Miley Cyrus in the bathroom" and "I'm acting like I'm white." Whether or not this track is part of Kanye's hotly anticipated new album, promised via Twitter in February, is unknown. It's also hard to tell whether the lyrics are about Miley and Kanye doing drugs together. The clip could be a dropped track from the most recent West album, The Life of Pablo, but it could be a teased hint at the yet-to-be-named summer album from Kanye.
It can't be said for certain if the line is simply some artistic license and creativity, or if it draws on some real-life experiences between Kanye and Miley. West has been known to draw on real-life experiences in the past to inspire his music. His recent "Real Friends" track has Kanye complaining about a friend stealing his laptop and selling the sextapes he found on the machine.
"I had a cousin that stole my laptop that I was f***ing b**ches on. Paid that n**** $250,000 just to get it from him. Real friends?"
Kanye has also referenced some more infamous instances in his life, including his invasion of Taylor Swift's award acceptance. West claims that Taylor would not be as famous as she is now without the event, and that his outrage fuelled Swift's career. Kanye even went so far as to suggest that Taylor was sexually attracted to him for the favour. The song that featured the lyrics, "Famous," created some controversy, according to Hollywood Life.
Kanye claimed that Taylor had been asked about the song and said she was okay with it. Shortly after West made the claim, Swift's rep released a statement that specifically said that neither of them had known about the offensive lyrics. Kanye has even taken to Twitter to call out Taylor as a "fake a**." This Kanye-Taylor feud doesn't seem to be settling down anytime soon. Fans wonder if there's going to be another conflict like this between West and Cyrus?
Miley herself has never been shy about her use of drugs and other mind-warping substances. Cyrus has joined states like Colorado and Washington in proudly announcing her love of marijuana, telling fans, "I think weed is the best drug on earth." So it's not a stretch that Miley might have been doing something of the sort with Kanye.
However, Cyrus has never claimed to have done any sort of drugs with Kanye, and the two certainly aren't familiar friends, at least in public. Miley is quite open about her opinions on drugs and other substances, and has made it clear that she likes marijuana, peyote, and other "natural" drugs, but can't stand hard drugs like cocaine.
"One time I smoked a joint with peyote in it and I saw a wolf howling at the moon. Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is so much better; and mollys, too. Those are happy drugs, social drugs - they make you want to be friends. You're out in the open. You're not in a bathroom. I really don't like coke. It's gross and so dark it's like what are you, from the 90's?"
While folks who lived through the 90's might not like the insinuation that the 90's was a "dark" and "gross" decade, fans of Miley can certainly appreciate her deliberate choice to do "happy" things and avoid harder things.

Recently, Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been teasing rumors of pregnancy and marriage, reports the International Business Times. It would make total sense that if Miley is pregnant, she'd be even more careful of taking drugs with or without Kanye.

What do you think? Did Miley Cyrus and Kanye West do drugs together?

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 3]