Joey Feek In Hospice Care, Makes Dinner For Family From Bed

Joey Feek may be terminally ill, but that in no way means she's not going to enjoy her life to the fullest extent that she can. Rory Feek, the husband of Joey, posted a photo via Instagram of Joey mixing vegetables in a blender and turning her hospice bed into her own kitchen, according to People.

Rory joked, writing in the caption to the photo, that when a mother cannot get to the kitchen to make dinner, you bring the kitchen to her.

Joey Feek was diagnosed with cervical cancer in June 2014, not long after the couple's daughter, Indiana, was born with Down syndrome. The 40-year-old country singer announced in November last year that she had entered hospice care.

This month has been full of events for Joey Feek and her husband Rory, as the couple celebrated a special Valentine's Day, with Rory calling it "a week to remember." Then the couple celebrated their daughter Indiana's second birthday and watched the pre-Grammys together.

Joey Feek and her husband Rory's country band Joey+Rory was nominated for best country duo/group performance for their hit "If I Needed You." The award went to Little Big Town for their country song "Girl Crush."

After their Grammy loss, Rory revealed in his personal blog that his wife, Joey Feek, said she was "sorry" they didn't win a Grammy. Then Rory jokingly added that there's always next year, Joey smiled at him and said "Yes... next year."

And then, according to Rory, Joey Feek made him promise that he will attend the ceremony in case they are ever nominated again in the future.

"And I told her that I would. Then her smile widened and she winked and said, 'And guess what... I'll know the winner before you do.'"
Rory's most recent blog post says he and his wife Joey had "a week to remember," according to Today. The two shared a photo of their first cuddle since Joey Feek entered hospice care.Rory revealed that he and his wife Joey Feek had a romantic night filled with "more love for each other than we even thought was possible." He added that it was also a week full of thankfulness.

The two didn't expect to be nominated at this year's Grammys, nor did they know if they would have the opportunity to see the ceremony together, as revealed by Rory. He also added that it was not about winning this year, the most important gift of this year was "perspective."

Rory also shared his thoughts about the nomination, saying that even though he had thought before that just being nominated is enough, now, after having more time to think about it, he changed his opinion.

"Instead, I would say that just being able to wake up and look into the eyes of the people we care about and tell them that we love them is enough. Everything else is just icing on the cake."
Rory also shared the details of their Valentine's Day. The couple ordered a takeout spread of sushi, which is one of Joey Feek's favorite foods. Rory also revealed that Joey even applied makeup and wore a nice shirt for the occasion. There was also a corsage that had been seen to the couple in the mail.

But the sweetest part of the evening was Rory and Joey Feek's cuddle. After finishing eating sushi, Joey asked Rory to "lay down with me and put your arms around me," and he couldn't refuse his wife. The couple hadn't had an opportunity to share a photo of them cuddling since Joey entered hospice care back in November.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]