Can ‘Batman V Superman’ Take Down Deadpool At The Box Office?

The upcoming superhero epic Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is preparing to take theaters by storm next month. However, the caped crusader is likely to have a difficult time in the wake of Deadpool‘s box office records.

20th Century Fox was most likely surprised to discover that their anti-hero film was such a hit, breaking records from the day it released in theaters. After the failure of X-Men Origins: Wolverine to deliver the character in the eyes of fans, it didn’t seem likely that they could bring him back. A test trailer had been leaked years later and revealed what appeared to be plans to make a sequel with him in his iconic suit. With help from fans and dedication from Ryan Reynolds, they took a chance and went ahead with the reboot, releasing it just before Valentine’s Day.


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The R rating may have given Deadpool the boost it needed to give fans what they wanted, and it was one of the biggest releases with that rating ever made. Now, Batman V Superman is poising to take over the box office throne from the merc with a mouth, and once again, it’s a gamble.

Fans who have seen the original Daredevil will likely tell you that Ben Affleck is a horrible choice to play a superhero, but that didn’t stop Zack Snyder from casting him as Batman. This was only the first of many questionable casting choices, including Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. The new casting choices have proven solid in trailers, but fans might not embrace the film on the level that Snyder is aiming for.

Den of Geek claims that Batman V Superman might not have any problems at all. Opening sales for the new DC Comics film are at around $150 million already, showing us that 20th Century Fox’s Marvel anti-hero may only have a month left to enjoy his throne.

It seems Christopher Nolan’s version of Batman was enough of a success to prove to audiences that Warner Bros. has learned from their Schumacher days. Casting Christian Bale as the growly-voiced dark knight against realistic versions of DC Comics’ biggest villains was enough to energize the fans into believing the Justice League franchise might actually release more than three films without it turning to box office crap for once.

The recent announcement of an R rated Batman V Superman director’s cut following the success of Deadpool has been met with mixed reactions, though. While some applaud the decision, Screen Rant says the idea of releasing a more violent version of the film is a perversion.

According to GameSpot, Batman V Superman is already poised to take the box office record for the Easter weekend, one previously held by the first Hunger Games in 2012.

One factor that fans might think twice about before heading out to see Batman V Superman is that Ben Affleck was given the right to rewrite the script, which he has done. There were portions of the script that he wasn’t happy with, and he was busy fixing them right up to the end. It is assumed that the changes were made because he will be directing his solo Batman film at a later date. This reveal could hurt the opening box office results.

Do you think DC Comics’ upcoming superhero epic will dethrone Deadpool?

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