Louis Tomlinson: Did We Just See The First Crack In ‘Babygate’?

Louis Tomlinson reportedly became a father last month. It was widely reported that Louis became a father to Freddie Reign Tomlinson on January 21. As the entire story about Tomlinson’s son has unravelled, many of Louis’ fans have looked on aghast at the way the entire matter has been handled. Ever since The Sun announced back in July that Louis was to become a father, many of Tomlinson’s fans have been suspicious of the whole affair.

At first, people refused to believe that Tomlinson would be reckless enough to get someone who was likely a one night stand pregnant. Others simply refused to believe that Briana Jungwirth was even pregnant. Others argued that the whole thing was simply a misguided publicity stunt, some that Briana was a gold digger who was after Tomlinson’s money. A further theory was that Jungwirth was acting as a surrogate for Tomlinson and Harry Styles.

Of course, many of Tomlinson’s fans also believe that Louis is the father of Briana’s baby and that Tomlinson has stayed quiet about the baby and his baby mama simply to protect Freddie and Briana from the media intrusion that has become a daily part of his life.

That said, Louis has never mentioned Jungwirth by name, and he has not been seen in her company since it was announced that baby Tomlinson was on the way. Louis did take to social media to announce Freddie’s arrival and seemed to have no issue in acknowledging the baby as his. Little Freddie’s birth certificate was posted on-line by a number of outlets including the Daily Mail. No certificate would have been issued had paternity of the child been in dispute.

With Tomlinson seemingly happy to have become a father and the birth certificate issued, that seemed to be the end of the curious case of baby Tomlinson. Until now!

Earlier this week, Tomlinson attended the Brit awards with bandmate Liam Payne, and whilst there Louis apparently told the Mirror how much he was enjoying fatherhood.

“It’s great, I’m enjoying it a lot and I’d definitely like more kids but not just yet. I’ve been changing nappies. I’m used to it, as I’ve been doing my brothers and sisters’ nappies for ages.”

The narrative had been well and truly established. Louis was happy, he was enjoying spending time with his son. Tomlinson’s mother and sister slammed fans who continue to question the story, and the press moved on to reporting that Louis is besotted with rumored new girlfriend Danielle Campbell.

This week has proved an interesting one for fans of Tomlinson and One Direction because suddenly the rhetoric has changed. As was reported in The Inquisitr, the first signs that Tomlinson and Campbell’s breakup story is on the way have emerged.

Suddenly, after weeks of nothing but positive reporting about Tomlinson’s son, we may have seen the first crack in the narrative. TMZ report today that Louis is set to wage a custody war with Jungwirth, who they claim is denying Louis access to his son as she presses him for more money.

“Sources connected with Louis tell TMZ, the One Direction singer claims Briana Jungwirth has gotten greedy and wants money… and lots of it. He claims she’s using their 1-month-old son, Freddie Reign, to leverage a bigger payday.”

“We’re told Louis is gunning for an order forcing Briana to give him some custodial rights, including significant access to his son.”

As is the usual pattern with this type of story, the “source close to Louis” is not named, and there is no official comment from Louis or his representatives, so the whole story from TMZ is unverifiable. However, this is the first time for weeks that any outlet has moved away from the official narrative about Louis baby.

Whether or not TMZ’s claims have any vestige of truth in them, well, only time will tell. One thing is certain, though, Louis’ fans will once again be questioning whether or not they are being told the whole truth about Tomlinson’s baby. Just when it seemed that all the questions about Louis baby had been answered, new questions arise.

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