‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins Is Falling Hard For More Than One Woman, Leading To ‘Steamy’ Fantasy Suite Dates

The Bachelor is breaking new ground this year, with spoilers indicating that Ben Higgins is falling for more than one woman and crossing a line that’s never been breached on the show.

[WARNING: Bachelor spoilers ahead]

This season’s edition of the ABC dating show features one of the most popular contestants of all time, at least with the women. Ben has multiple women falling very hard for him, and as he nears his final decision it’s reportedly causing quite a bit of tension both on the show and outside of it.

This week, Ben will take his final three to Jamaica for a vacation and time in the famed Fantasy Suites. As Ben chooses between Caila, JoJo, and Lauren, he is reportedly falling very hard for more than one of them.

E! News included a preview of Monday’s episode showing Ben Higgins breaking the “unwritten rule” by telling more than one women that he loves them.

There was actually even more than just those two. Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss shared another spoiler with E! News, saying that a “record number” of women told Ben that they loved him.

“What happened on this season is he’s such a catch that the girls competed harder for him than any other season,” he said. “I think eight or nine girls said they were in love with him. That’s a record number. That’s where the drama came from. The girls provided the drama this season because they were competing for him. A lot of girls want to marry this guy.”

Fleiss said the Fantasy Suite dates ended up being “steamy” as well.

But this could all be leading to a much bigger Bachelor spoiler. It’s been widely reported that Ben Higgins eliminates Caila next, then ultimately chooses Lauren for his final pick. But he still harbors very strong feelings for JoJo, leading to some growing speculation that the could end up changing his mind after the final rose is handed out.

Celeb Dirty Laundry speculated that Ben Higgins could regret his pick of Lauren.

“According to The Bachelor 2016 spoilers, Ben Higgins had a total meltdown right before the final rose ceremony because he didn’t know whether to choose Lauren or Jojo. Eventually he gave his final rose to Lauren and sent Jojo packing. The thing is, when you are in love with someone – it doesn’t just magically go away because you propose to another woman.”

“Could Ben Higgins pull a Jason Mesnick (Season 13) and change his mind after the final rose ceremony and dump Lauren Bushnell to be with Jojo Fletcher? For those of you who don’t recall, Jason famously gave his final rose to Melissa – however after the finale he changed his mind and dumped her and wound up marrying the runner-up Molly. Will Bachelor history repeat itself?”

Other Bachelor 2016 spoilers point to some drama outside the show. In a recent blog post, former Bachelor contestant Sean Lowe warned Ben about the dangers of falling for more than one woman, saying it can put strain on the relationship he will have with the woman he ultimately picks.

It’s not clear if Sean is speaking on inside information, but it does seem to support the idea that Ben could change his mind.

The Bachelor does an incredible job of building storybook romances for both the TV audience and the bachelor himself, but there is a major disconnect that happens once the show is finished airing,” Lowe wrote on Patheos. “After months of building one man up as the perfect guy (or the perfect Ben), after newfound fame, after winning the adoration of millions of girls watching at home on TV, after dating twenty-five women simultaneously (all of whom will stop at nothing to win your affection), after having genuine heart-felt feelings for multiple women… it all suddenly stops.”

There are other Bachelor 2016 spoilers for what could come next for JoJo, and it doesn’t necessarily involve getting back with Ben Higgins. Insider Reality Steve, who has predicted correctly all but one winner in the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise, believes she could have an inside track to become the next Bachelorette contestant.

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